Could Death be the Darkness?

This thought came up on IMDb over a week ago and have since forgotten my source, so I can’t cite the person where this thought came from. But it stayed with me over a week later, so there is something niggling at me deep inside. Could Death be the Darkness??? When you weigh it all up, could it be possible? Which was why he turned to dust when Dean killed him with his OWN weapon?

Death in the past has mentioned to Dean that he is VERY old, VERY, VERY old. And even he isn’t sure whom is older God or himself. So in Dean killing Death, has this in turn released the Darkness?

I still cannot believe that Death is really Dead, DEAD!! Can anyone??

Its just him going poof into nothing that made me believe in this statement from a poster. The more I think about it the more it might come true!

So what do you think folks, do you have any shred of evidence that Death might be in fact the Darkness in disguise? Let me know would love to read you’re comments…

Sam and Dean: Brothers in Arms Debbab at a crossroad

Hello SPN family,

Let me say that I am thrilled that Bella wants me to continue my writing about Supernatural, the T.V. show, for this blog, Sam and Dean Brothers in Arms. As Debbab, I had the opportunity to contribute to Lou’s blog and always appreciated the feedback to my thoughts and the discussion that followed. That blog has gone silent for now:-(.  Bella, you yanked me from the darkness of blog oblivion, you are an angel. Feeling a bit rebooted like a recurring character in a series. At a crossroad and making a decision to follow Bella here.

As a bit of background, I have watched Supernatural since the pilot episode. And yes, I have watched all episodes multiple times to the point I can quote scripts. I try to find something positive in every episode but I also acknowledge massive fails. I also attempt to be bi-brotherly and not show favor to one or the other as I find that over the years, I just root for family- dysfunctions and all. And yes, even Crowley. Sometimes I pen a review, sometimes an essay about an aspect of said show, sometimes a WTF did the writers do comment, but delivered in a respectful manner.  One of the messages the brothers have always sent is to keep fighting( even before JP’s campaign), so the show’s varied themes often resonate with me as I travel through life events.

I hope you, reader, will interact  through this blog about Supernatural, past or present. Yes, you should feel okay about challenging my ideas or sending along notes that dispute or farther my thoughts on any specific subject. As family, we can disagree and it is safe. If there is respect, I will  respond.


Hello Everyone!

Hi everyone,
My name is Lkeke35 and Bella has very kindly asked me to contribute to this site. I’m very excited about this. Some of you may know me from my own site, where I post about shows other than SPN. (What do y’mean other shows? There are no other shows!)

(If you want to get a feel for how I write about SPN, then visit my blog at Geekingoutaboutit, where the entirety of season ten has been reviewed.)

On my own site, I have to write my comments and reviews as if the audience has never watched episodes of Supernatural. The most exciting thing about writing for this site will be not having to do that. I know all of you guys are well-versed in Supernatural lore, (sometimes better than I am, so If I flub something, don’t hesitate to let me know.)

As for my street-cred, I knew I was going to like Supernatural from the moment I heard there was going to be a show. I knew nothing about the actors. I just had the bare-bones of a plot, and knew I’d love it. I’ve watched from the very first episode and I was right. I loved the show. I’d been looking for a series to replace Buffy and this was it. I liked the atmosphere, the chemistry between the two leads, the camerawork, the mythology. There were episodes that first season that were genuinely frightening (and I grew up watching some serious Horror movies. As a result, I’m hard to scare, so that’s quite a feat.)

True, the show isn’t scary now, but I’m not in for the plot so much, anymore. Now I’m here because I’m in it for the characters. I care very much for these characters and I wonder: Where are they going? What’s in store for them? How are they growing?

I started out as a Sam-girl, but I am firmly in the bi-bro camp, now. My urge is to always have the brothers come together, fight together and be together. In my opinion, the two of them are stronger together, than they ever are apart and I always advocate for that. As a result, I refuse to engage in discussions of who is the better brother.  I’m really looking forward to this new season because its been some time since the brothers have been on the same page. The past few seasons, there have been too many riffs and splits and misunderstandings, that just break my heart, because I don’t like it when people who are supposed to love each other, fight. Hopefully, this season will be a refreshing change.

I will be submitting reviews/recaps of every episode of this new season, as well as reviews of my favorite episodes, starting with season one, but my focus will mostly be about the brothers relationship, with the occasional foray into speculations about secondary characters, except for Castiel. Yes, I do love the character, but understanding Cas’ psychology and motivations is not my strength. I love him and I love his journey, but I just don’t get him. So, when I don’t post anything about him, it doesn’t mean I dislike him. It just means I’m baffled.

I’m a person who likes looking at the larger picture, the motivations behind character choices, story decisions and what those things mean to the brother’s relationship. I’m not so much focused on the details or canon, but what the creators are  trying to make the audience feel or think. I don’t like to speculate too much about plot or character arcs, because I am notoriously bad at that.

Above all else, however, I approach the show as a Fan. I enthusiastically wait for each episode and generally go wherever the writers want to take me on the brother’s journey. It’s not that I won’t point out episodes, or even whole seasons, that suck, its just that I don’t watch episodes through that particular lens, so I sometimes don’t see the things that others think are horribly wrong. Although, that’s no guarantee I will agree with you, if you point it out.

So, that’s where I’m coming from. I look forward to writing for you guys, I hope you like my stuff, and please! visit often and leave lots of comments.

Would YOU like to write for me on this Blog?

Would YOU like to write for me on this Blog?

Yesterday I learnt of some sad news, that a close friend of mine whom started up Supernaturally Devoted almost two years ago, has decided to close the blog down. This came as quite a shock to me, as I went into this project with Lou and was flattered at the time she liked my work, and how I write. The blog had come a long way, and it was a great seed that Lou had created in asking different authors on to her blog. Some authors we got we had for a long time, and then their own personal lives got busy and something had to give. Sadly Lou has fallen out of love with the show for personal reasons. And real life getting in the way. I hope one day she will embrace the fandom in the future and come back. This struck a cord with me, and have already set the seed in motion. We all will miss you Lou!

I am finding it increasingly hard to find something to write about, and I hate leaving my readers whom I’ve gathered over years with nothing to read. So this was where my idea came into play. That I thought about putting up this advert to ask readers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, any social media which I’ve forgotten about, to come and write for me here at Sam and Dean brothers in Arms. So if you can write clear, concise articles about this show I would love to hear from you. I would like to invite authors who specifically want to write for each character, so you can write it from their point of view.  So if you have any burning story to tell about Sam, Dean, Cas, and Crowley or any cast member then drop me a line ASAP.  I have already asked Debbab and Ikeke whom have stayed with me from the beginning of this blogs life to the present day. Ikeke has kindly accepted, and am waiting on Debbab’s reply. So if you would like to write articles please leave me comments in the reply box and I will respond to you.

Kind regards,

Bella xxxx

Did Dean MEAN to kill Death, or was there more to it?

Did Dean MEAN to kill Death, or was there more to it?

Over on IMDb in a thread I posted a comment:

But was it Dean killing Death, could the MoC have had something to do with killing Death. By that look on Dean’s face I still don’t believe he had anything to do with it. There was something very supernatural going on there that I haven’t fathomed out yet. Whether the scythe was pulled towards death or the mark wielded Dean’s hand….

Bella I felt that way too!

Click to view full size image

Now Barb here agreed with me, so I think my suspicions maybe correctly founded here. Ever since I saw Dean’s expressions it really made me think. Did he have anything to do with killing Death? I honestly don’t suspect that he did. I believe and still do that something supernatural was at work there. I think Dean was about to kill Sam, and he was convinced he was going to do so. The strike of that scythe came so fast, I really had to slow the speed down, and watch and watch it slowly. When you see the blade fly it rises above Sam’s head. If Dean would have struck Sam in the usual manner I believe the action of the blade would have been level with Dean’s shoulders and not raised in the manner it was.

Click to view full size image

So this is partly why I think there was something supernatural at work here. One of two scenario’s keep playing out in my head which are a) That the Mark of Cain is on the suspects list. That it told Dean what to do, and it acted on Dean’s behalf forcing his hand to swipe Death, and NOT Sam. The second scenario b) Is that the Scythe is Death’s own instrument. I wonder if the supernatural is pulling itself back towards Death and killing its own Master so to speak?? Was it Death’s own words to Dean that made the Scythe act the way it did, or a bit of both?

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If it is the mark at play, then does this fault lie with Dean? If it is the Scythe acting up, then does Death’s fault lie with Dean?? To me I don’t think it was his fault. Just by retracing his steps, he’s not guilty in murdering Death. If Dean was in a court of law, would he get away with it if something Supernatural was behind the death of Death??

Click to view full size image

So what is your verdict jury? Do you find Dean Winchester guilty of murdering Death? Answers on a postcard … No kidding!! But how do you see Dean wielding the Scythe against one of the most powerful supernatural beings? Was it Dean’s own actions in wanting to kill Death so as not to kill his own brother with the instrument, or something supernatural at work, what are your findings …. Do Share!

What the HELL is that!!

Okay, now a month in during the hellatus, I thought it time for a new blog banner to carrier us up to the premier. So welcome banner!! Picture courtesy of ‘The CW’

I am finding it increasingly hard to find something to write which isn’t like me. So I thought about trying different ways to conjure up conversation, and get us talking again. I know you love my questions so how about you giving me some answers back, here goes:

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1. ) What do you think the darkness is?

2.) What threat do you think the darkness will be?

3.) What was the lock and key that Death mentioned?

4.) If the Darkness is so powerful and been locked away because they were a danger to mankind, why has it taken them so long until now to surface?

5.) What do you think has happened to the boys?

6.) Do you think life will carry on as normal, now the Darkness is upon us?

Click to view full size image

7.) Do you think that the release of the Darkness will allow us to see God on this show?

8.) The new season will introduce us to femme fatale named Amara. Who do you think she could be, and where is she from? What is her purpose??

9.) Spoiler from Entertainment:

According to speculations, Amara was summoned to Earth when “The Darkness” was unleashed in the final episode of season 10. Death (Julian Richings) warned Sam (Jared Padalecki) that removing the Mark of Cain from his brother Dean’s arm could release the amoral being, as well as several other evil entities.

What OTHER evil entities could LURK within???

Would love to know your thoughts on the above and can’t wait to read your responses wondering if you have similar thoughts…

Could Sam make a deal with Lucifer?

As the finale approaches this time next week, we will be wondering how it will all come together and pan out. By tradition we know almost predict that one brother will die. I have for months now wondered if Dean would turn the knife on himself since the blade is the only weapon that can kill him. This thought hasn’t wavered much and I am positive it might come to pass. If this is the case, my mind today began to wonder the worst case scenario. I found some information which I posted on the board and said that Lucifer is apparently coming back.

Click to view full size image

So if Dean does turn the knife on himself and commit suicide so he doesn’t have to kill Sam this means that Dean does return back to his demon status. Which won’t alleviate his problem because he turns back into that Demon that both Sam and Cas are dreading will happen. So by classic Supernatural style and with a military driven Sam will he descent into hell. Would Sam go this far? Would he go back into Hell, the cage where he was tortured brutally for so long and venture into the unknown?? He knows how hell works, he knows and is well aware of the back door into hell. But last time Ajay helped him in Taxi Driver, so how will he get transported back through the wall this time? If Sam reaches hell and gets into where the cage is. Will he make contact with Lucifer and make a deal to bring Dean back? If Lucifer brings Dean back, will this cure the problem of the mark? Will Lucifer allow Dean freedom from the mark and will it be part of Sam’s deal to bring Dean back without the mark attached?

Lucifer to me is the only one powerful enough to know and understand the mark that he originally created. So therefore, he is the one with the knowledge and where with all to remove it. But then we have Death coming into the finale, what is his involvement in all this. Does Dean ask Death to kill him, so Sam doesn’t have to. Will Death reap Dean Winchester without Sam’s prior knowledge? What do you think. And how do you think the finale will pan out. Will Dean kill all three men as Cain predicted. Deal’s are part of the boys make up since John made that deal to bring Dean back via Azazel. So they don’t know any different. Neither brother can live without the other. So how will this saga really end?? Last season Dean sent out an open letter to heal Sam and Gadreel took up the offer to cure Sam from the inside. So is this the sort of deal that Sam will have to undertake to get his brother back?