I thought SAM was the SMART one?

I could really see why Dean was mighty pissed when he came back from the Alternate Universe, that Gabriel had walked out with his Grace intact. Why had Sam and Cass been so damned stupid, and let the mission down. Dean couldn't get back into the AU to save Mary and Jack now because Gabe... Continue Reading →


“The Thing” Gets us back up to speed!

After the humorous break that “Scooby Natural” provided last week, “The Thing” gets us back to season 13’s main story arc and does so with some classic details that make this show the success that it is. We begin with a beauty from the 1920’s apparently being kidnapped by hooded figures and taken to a... Continue Reading →

The thing about the thing

"The thing" is a great episode. It has all the makings of an old fashioned horror flick where the monster is so not within description that it is called the thing and then throw in some brotherly humor, great fight sequences, and twists galore and wrap in the current arc of finding the last ingredients... Continue Reading →

ScoobyDo or Don’t a second look

Scoobynatural deserves a second watch for sure. This episode  successfully melds two iconic shows and remains true to both. In the end, the Scooby gang remains innocent and the Winchesters + Castiel return to the hunting things, saving people world of our Supernatural reality. Cleverly, the writers wrap the episode with  two live action bookends... Continue Reading →


Goofy, silly, funny, and cleverly “Supernatural!” Those are the thoughts that immediately came to mind after I watched this episode. In so many ways, the writers of this episode kept reminding us of the classic repetitions of this long-running cartoon, and its “two-dimensional” characters, while at the same time, taking our shows heroes and bringing... Continue Reading →

Kudos, Complaints, Concerns

The networks are deciding which series to renew. Viewer input does effect the PTB. Here is the e mail address for the CW. feedback@cwtv.com  Season 14 is not a lock as of this writing. Usually there is an early renewal of Supernatural, so far, no whispers. Meanwhile Jared and Jensen are appearing on talk shows... Continue Reading →

A Most Holy Man was most interesting!

So once again, the creators of scripts for our favorite show have thought up another way to tell a story and advance the story line. This episode was something out of one of those classic Mickey Spillane type movies. Our two heroes were often in their “fake fed” threads and the episode had darker and... Continue Reading →

A Most Holy Man

Is it a western? Is it an ode to all the Mafia type movies? Is it an homage to Casablanca  and  the Maltese Falcon? (two great films by the way). It is Supernatural veteran writers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb attempt to present a different type of episode reminiscent of the episode Monster Movie where... Continue Reading →

What has happened to our ANGELS?

It shocked me to think that Zachariah was coming back to my favourite show, and one of my, if not my favourite angel. I remembered I was over the moon. No actor I thought could replace 'Kurt Fuller'. How he commanded his stage and script, and wowed us with his kick ass nastiness and new... Continue Reading →


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