The Spear “pierced” with precision in the mid-season finale’!

Attention, Supernatural fans! You are being re-trained! I’ll speak for myself. I guess I certainly am! Everything up to now has been delivered from the perspective of our boys, Sam and Dean usually armed with any number of, in hindsight, stupid, stupid, decisions. But each and every one of them had an overwhelming sense of altruism. Sam was going to sacrifice his life to complete he trials when Heaven expelled the angels. Dean gave himself up (hell deal) so that Sam could live. Sam throws himself into the pit with Lucifer. Cas (after realizing what his thirst for power did … Continue reading The Spear “pierced” with precision in the mid-season finale’!

What was “Byzantium”trying to tell us?

First, I had to look up, “Byzantium.” It was an ancient city in what is present day Istanbul, Turkey. It was a former Greek colony assimilated by the Romans. In about 330 A.D., the emperor Constantine had the city rebuilt and named it “Constantinople.” This was one of the places where many religious councils took place, literally shaping and defining much biblical doctrine and lore. Constantine also had his fascination with religious practices ignited by the Greco-Roman conquering of Egypt, which is why we may have been introduced to the Egyptian god Anubis in this episode. Death often strikes when … Continue reading What was “Byzantium”trying to tell us?

“Unhuman Nature” creating our empathy???

So in this episode, we were led to form some very blunt conclusions, at least up to now here in season 14. First, Jack without his grace, is more human than most ‘humans.’ The cough that caused him to collapse at the end of the last episode is a symptom of Jack’s ‘humanity,’ to the degree that he is dying faster than he even grew into young adulthood after his birth. Cas couldn’t cure him, the hospital confirmed that all his vital organs are shutting down, and Rowena (armed with the book of the damned that she ‘borrowed’) is called … Continue reading “Unhuman Nature” creating our empathy???

Unhuman Nature: a personal glimpse

Episode 7, “Unhuman Nature” allows the viewer to experience the organic nature of the major players. While the plot centers around finding a cure for the now dying, human called Jack, the writing shows each characters’ true nature sans the supernatural influence,(except for Cas who by his nature is supernatural, but has human qualities). Without a complete play by-play of scenes, lets just say the scenes between Dean and Jack are so well acted that tears of joy flow forth only to be replaced with those of sorrow later in the episode. Perhaps without the supernatural influences in Dean’s life, … Continue reading Unhuman Nature: a personal glimpse

“Optimism” is the perfect title for episode 6, but should I care more?

From the opening music, which took me back to the opening of a 1980’s kids movie or sit com, to the closing drama with Jack, “Optimism” was one of the quirkiest Supernatural episodes I’ve seen in a while. Let me also add here that I’m not sure I am sold on these story lines involving AU characters. We are looking at the same bodies in every way, except they are different people, as in Bobby and Charlie. I might have felt better if they were played by entirely different people who looked a little like the “our universe” dead and … Continue reading “Optimism” is the perfect title for episode 6, but should I care more?

Optimistic-only for a short time

Episode 14.6 ,Optimistic, is artistically directed by Richard Speight Jr, is smartly penned by Steve Yockey, and the actors do an acting clinic showing several sides to their characters. Audience:heart tugs, gasps, smiles, belly laugh or two, and fear. The script calls for Dean and Sam to be on separate hunts in order for the characters of Jack and A/U Charlie to be developed, and it works. Both hunts are parallel as they involve romance gone wrong, and each has as its result positive growth for characters. Speaking of romance- Mary and Bobby are still together in Donna’s cabin and … Continue reading Optimistic-only for a short time

Nightmare Logic: And I’m still having nightmares about Dean!

We learned so much about many of our characters’ worst feelings in this episode, but none left us hanging off a cliff more than Dean’s! The key came late in this episode for me, and while I can’t put a definitive finger on my feelings, there’s a big surprise left in the Dean or “Michael-Dean” Winchester bag! First of all, Dean is quite inquisitive because he’s been Michael, so he’s asking about how Sam is putting an almost “British MOL” spin to the organization and deployment of his new troops of hunters. Does Dean have so many questions so Michael … Continue reading Nightmare Logic: And I’m still having nightmares about Dean!