Writing about Supernatural

I have noticed recently that my blog is gaining many more viewers, and thank those for always coming back. I don’t post much these days as they say real life just gets in the way and tangles my life, and what I enjoy doing. This doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped watching my favourite show on the box at the moment. Over the years I have suffered badly with writers block which upsets me at times as I can never take my eyes off the screen when watching it, but then when putting thoughts down on paper, nothing comes. A few … Continue reading Writing about Supernatural

300th Episode “Unforgettable!!!”

For those of us who saw the previews and read stuff prior to this 300th episode talking of John Winchester’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) return, I was a little thrown off by the beginning. Sam and Dean go into a pawn shop and seek the skull of Sarah Goode. I was asking, “What does this have to do with John?” The answer was, “not much.” Except that Sam and Dean were living life ‘normally’ and going about doing what they do: Hunt down evil and stop it! One of the items retrieved from this den of supernatural trinkets was an ancient … Continue reading 300th Episode “Unforgettable!!!”

Did that happen, did it really …. HAPPEN?

I love to write, and don’t see myself as a great writer by no means. But after watching our current milestone episode I found myself lost for descriptive words on how I really felt and still feel about it three days on. I wanted the dust to settle before I penned anything. And on reflection, I knew I wasn’t disappointed with hardly any of it. The 300th episode of Supernatural couldn’t have been better written, acted or directed. The family re-union was so perfect and I cried buckets. I still keep thinking and pinching myself, did that really, really happen? … Continue reading Did that happen, did it really …. HAPPEN?

Supernatural: The Top Episode in Each Season — We Minored in Film

I hate to risk turning the blog into “We Minored in Supernatural,” but I love this show, I’d been planning some kind of retrospective list for a while, and what better time to look back than the airing of its 300th episode and recent Season 15 renewal? I assume the 300th episode, entitled “Lebanon,” which […] via Supernatural: The Top Episode in Each Season — We Minored in Film Continue reading Supernatural: The Top Episode in Each Season — We Minored in Film

“Prophet and Loss” is all about ‘language.’

We pick up right where we left off with our hero, Dean, ready to go all the way with his selfless act. He wants Sam to take him to the Pacific coast, rent a boat and drop him in the Malek box (with AU Michael) to the bottom of the ocean, where they would be trapped for eternity! We actually open in a dream sequence, where Dean, similar to the state he found himself when in hell all those years ago, was alone, trapped, and calling on his little brother to help to get him out! It was quite horrible, … Continue reading “Prophet and Loss” is all about ‘language.’

“Damaged Goods:” Doing the right thing at what cost?

First of all, the pace of this episode slows considerably when compared to the two before it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t intense with a very serious tone throughout. We see more emotion displayed by our main arc of characters in this one than we’ve seen in quite a while. Nick, (Mark Pellegrino) is great as Lucifer, but he might be even better as the deeply disturbed psychopath, stopping at nothing to find out who and what is behind the brutal murder of his family all those years ago in Delaware. Pellegrino goes from anger and hate to tears … Continue reading “Damaged Goods:” Doing the right thing at what cost?

Damaged Goods

A first glance at Damaged Goods, one thinks “ah, here is Nick’s story arc”. He is so damaged by the brutal loss of his family in season  5 and his possession by Lucifer. Nick’s damaged psyche takes him to Hibbing to avenge his family, but not before he pushes up the body count and the demon-Abraxis , the doer of such brutality is  revealed as having done the deed on Lucifer’s command.  Lucifer needed a  vulnerable vessel who would say yes in season 5, but a bit of convenient recon by writers. Coincidently, Mary Winchester has Abraxis locked up in … Continue reading Damaged Goods