We pick up this episode right where the last left off! The group in the alt-universe discovers what we as an audience already know: Lucifer has brought Sam back from the dead. What we correctly guessed is that Luci would make much more out of his act than it really was: a selfish gesture to... Continue Reading →


“Beat the Devil” offered so many challenges…and memorable moments!

This episode had a little of everything, and like the usual outstanding Supernatural episode, it took our emotions to places we hadn’t visited in quite a while. First of all, with all the times we’ve seen our heroes die, I was horrified when I saw the blood gush out of Sam’s jugular when that “old... Continue Reading →

Beat the Devil

Wow! Great episode as we careen towards the finale of s 13. The acting chops shown by Speight Jr., Connell, Pellegrino,Padalecki, Collins, and Ackles shine at their best in an episode shot mostly in that grey tone that best reflects Apocalypse World. As wonderful as these actors can be, it takes a great script, appropriate... Continue Reading →

The ‘unfinished’ business of heating up this season’s story arc!

My apologies for being out of the country and off the grid last week. I think you’ve probably already had Rowena’s failed effort at achieving justice for her dead son Crowley through vengeful acts dissected and analyzed enough, but at least for the time being, this powerful witch seems to be down with team Sam... Continue Reading →

Unfinished Business

Spoilers. spoilers. spoilers. The episode is mostly back story for Gabriel and how his association with the Winchesters continues. Nice tie in to season 5Gabriel and it explains what has been going on and why for 71/2 years. This is Gabriel's revenge story. This is Gabriel's unfinished business. Richard Speight Jr. does triple duty acting... Continue Reading →

I thought SAM was the SMART one?

I could really see why Dean was mighty pissed when he came back from the Alternate Universe, that Gabriel had walked out with his Grace intact. Why had Sam and Cass been so damned stupid, and let the mission down. Dean couldn't get back into the AU to save Mary and Jack now because Gabe... Continue Reading →

“The Thing” Gets us back up to speed!

After the humorous break that “Scooby Natural” provided last week, “The Thing” gets us back to season 13’s main story arc and does so with some classic details that make this show the success that it is. We begin with a beauty from the 1920’s apparently being kidnapped by hooded figures and taken to a... Continue Reading →

The thing about the thing

"The thing" is a great episode. It has all the makings of an old fashioned horror flick where the monster is so not within description that it is called the thing and then throw in some brotherly humor, great fight sequences, and twists galore and wrap in the current arc of finding the last ingredients... Continue Reading →

ScoobyDo or Don’t a second look

Scoobynatural deserves a second watch for sure. This episode  successfully melds two iconic shows and remains true to both. In the end, the Scooby gang remains innocent and the Winchesters + Castiel return to the hunting things, saving people world of our Supernatural reality. Cleverly, the writers wrap the episode with  two live action bookends... Continue Reading →


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