Hello world!

Why did I start this blog!

The most obvious reason springs to mind is because I love this show, I adore the pants of it.  As a rule I never tuned into horror shows, so I to this day can’t figure out why I even tuned in.  Mid season 4 was my time becoming hooked and drawn in and I think if ever there was a time to become hooked was during season 4 I think I picked wisely as it is my favourite season.

A number feel they hated season 4, but to me the show needed to reinvent itself to prevent it from becoming stale.  I remember the show then being on ITV2 and remembered the thought na these boys are just models they can’t act. Why did I think this?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Most Sundays I flicked through channels as you do, and I dipped in an out of it.  The first episode I watched all the way through was After School Special, how could I have resisted Dean in shorts, wow!!  That red and white stripe gym outfit tickled me and humoured me.

But the overall thought to tune in and stay hooked was watching Sam use his power to exorcise the demon in the school corridor. I thought hay he’s human how can a human have such magical powers’. How naive was I!   I love fantasy sc-fi in general and this lead me down the road so far, picking up on the great road trip vibe and music which bellowed in the background I was taken in big time.  I found myself leaning toward Sam, even though I knew I loved both brothers.  There was something curious about Sam that I wanted to understand a learn more about. The rest they say is history the brothers relationship is at the heart of the show which pushes the gore and blood to one side for me.  I want to see how the boys get on and develop.  I’ve never been disappointed. Come and join me in my road trip and see where it takes us.


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