Episode 2: Rich with thought, what could be unveiled, what do we want to discover what went on during that fussy year apart.  What are the boys hiding, why are they keeping secrets again.  I want to be thrilled again like I was last week.  Come on boys, lay your cards on the table and spill.

Purgatory; dark, mysterious and full of fear, what scared Dean the most. How did he get out? or more importantly what got him out?  Our thoughts are working overtime already with Purgatory I think its holding so many stories.

Suburbia, for Sam what went down with Amelia what did he say to her the night he left?  Who was hiding in the trees outside his cabin in the woods?  Has Sam in fact made a deal.  Could we see him doing something after all.

I’m looking forward to the brotherly moments even more tonight, and want to get down to the nitty gritty of what happened to Castiel, Dean and Benny. Can Benny actually be trusted.  Why has Dean become so friendly with a monster the thing he hunts for a living?


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