Dean and Cas what could have happened?

Why was Castiel left behind and abandoned? Do I have a feeling, a very strong feeling as to why Dean feels so guilty about not explaining fully to Sam about what he actually saw go down that day.  Here’s my theory:

Dean is Bennie’s meal ticket out of Purgatory as Dean is human, and Benny knows how Dean can escape through a human ‘port-hole’.  He of course knows its whereabouts, with me so far! This is the only escape route out of Purgatory there is no other access for monsters to walk free only if they ‘ride a human’.  This is why Benny has made close friends with Dean, he knew from the jump Dean was HUMAN!  But how did he know? (maybe because of Sam’s deal?)

We get to the end of episode 2, and see Dean’s flashback of Cas screaming Dean’ and his hand leaves Deans grip.  Why? Why does Dean feel so bad for leaving Cas behind? It’s because of the port-hole. (The brightlight Dean walks through) It can only carry ‘HUMAN’ passengers. Hence Cas drifting away from Dean.  Dean does not know this, which is why he’s plagued with guilt because he feels as though he abandoned him.

I believe Benny is planted in Purgatory because of Sam’s deal with the Alpha Vamp. (Or another reason unknown) Part of Sam’s deal might be that he had to give up hunting so the Alpha could protect his flock, from other hunters.   I think there is a connection but not per se worked this out yet, its raw in my head. I’m not a detective but I have my suspicions.  The seed in my head has been sewn, until something else over-rides this theory, this is what I am going with.  In an upcoming episode Dean receives a call from Benny because he has gone to see his maker the Alpha and is beaten up, why? Again this could have something to do with Dean or even Sam’s deal?

Any other thoughts people, as to if my speculations could be true!


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