Dean – How do we think he felt about his time in Purgatory.

A year is a hell of a long time to build up emotions and anger to the point, that I can’t contemplate how bad purgatory must have been for Dean. Did he ever sleep, did he ever eat, what about his health and his human state of survival tactics that must have dwindled to some point thinking was survival actually worth it.  Imagine shutting your eyes in purgatory and trying to sleep.  We know how Dean bless him, feels about sleep if he doesn’t get any.  His body must have been so drained and numb that it changed his whole outlook and his ability to act, but he did some how. So how can lack of sleep actually really affect us.  How long can the human body last without any sleep? Lucifer did touch on this subject with Sam in ‘The born again Identity’ Season 7 around five days Sam went without sleep to the point his body shut down, and he couldn’t endure it any longer, he broke down.

But purgatory the skill of surviving, and the thought of freedom must have been high on Dean’s own agenda.  He must have, as we have a feeling that he did to a point enjoy purgatory as it felt ‘pure’ to him.  He enjoyed the thrill of the chase, the kill, and winning the battle.  This is what makes him tick, he’s a thorough bred in the hunting world, and I doubt very much, that purgatory would have phased him.  At least to the point of killing the bastards that he hates.  He felt at home in that territory.  Would he have gone back if he had the chance. Part of me thinks, may be ‘yes’ he would have.  Because he felt at home’ he was in his comfort zone.  He respected what hunting was about in purgatory, and lived for the moment.

What are you’re thoughts about Dean’s survival and what he must have gone through. What he did daily to survive the odds for a whole year.  This is a feat in itself, that he had lived and lived through it and came out of the portal smiling, that he’d made it.  Dean is a born survivor and there is no doubt in my mind, that John would have been proud of Dean.


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