The Tablet?

What do we actually know about this mysterious object. What is the key that Kevin is so keen to protect and Crowley can’t wait to gets his little mitts on?  Is Crowley really wanting to get to heaven? Is this the Tablets secret?  It can lock the doors to hell? Is this the plot for the seasons arc?  Why is there two tablets?  What does one contain that the other doesn’t or are they both connected with each other…..

Do we understand the tablets origins, what does its cryptic message contain that only Kevin knows or can only transcribe. What Crowley would do to actually get his hands on it. But Why?  This little beauty is containing some juicy spoilers, what have the writers in store for the boys, and their journey in unveiling the mystery behind the tablet(s)?

What did the tablet do during the boys year apart, did Kevin actually memorize what was on the tablet. Did he keep it somewhere safe in a lockup?

Entertain me folks, I’m interested in discovering what you might no, don’t be shy come and share your knowledge.


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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