Domesticated Sam, and Sam the hunter.

Season 6 is now firmly behind us, and something has already begun to strike us this season.  Domesticated Sam, does this ring any bells?  Sam went to hell and Dean was alone and went to live a normal life with Lisa and Ben. I am getting mirror images flash through my mind and Supernatural seems to have a habit of this. Referring to the past, and copying the boys previous life styles. I don’t have a problem with this, if there is a reason behind the writing that it pans out so to speak.

The boys are hunters pure and simple. There in this life for the long hall. Why keep trying to change the boys into something they are clearly not.  One yearns for normality and the other doesn’t, true.  Dean knows exactly what he wants out of life, and Sam at present seems unsure of what he actually wants.  He wants out, but does out, mean out permanently to Sam.  This show is Supernatural after all.  Something or someone will eventually lure Sam back into its hunting web.  This is what the show is about unless the writers are deliberately steering Sam away from this world into a new realm.  But why?  Dean and Sam are a unit, they are a two piece this is what we see on-screen, this is what we are so used to seeing the last seven years.  You can’t be a hunter and have a family, or can you?

So many questions surround Sam for me at the moment, that are not ringing true. Ah yes ringing the mobile phones, now why did Sam ditch those damn phones.  What if any is the logical reason behind his thoughts on this one. Writers please tell us why Sam ditched his phones. I want piece of mind that it was something more.  It’s not sitting well with me so far.  Not looking for Dean or Kevin. Its got to be more than wanting ‘OUT’ of the hunting life.  Its driving me mad thinking what are you doing Sam, you should no better, you honestly deserve a slap. Please writers let us in gently as to why Sam has been behaving this way.

Do you have a thought as to Sam’s blindness that he is acting this way, that he is so oblivious as to what he has done and that it’s not making him look good.  Does Amelia have something to do with the way he is acting, is it simply that he is in love and it is clearly clouding his judgement, come on Sam, snap out of it.




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