What is Crowley actually up to?

He’s so keen to get his hands on the tablet but why?  What is so special to him that he has to divulge what the message says. Is there something afoot.  Why did he bid his soul?

Crowley is so devious in how he goes about his own goal, how he always manages to get what he wants, never caring who he really hurts along the way. So why this season is Crowley so pivotal to this seasons plans. What are his thoughts behind the tablet once he does get hold of it.  Is he trying to get back to heaven and reach God?  Is there something about the higher order that is attracting Crowley to heaven?  I may be completely barking up the wrong tree, but the words were said by God on the tablet, so what other reason would Crowley have to reach GOD? Is God actually going to make an appearance this season.

I can’t make my mind up about these tablets and what their mysteries contain and why Crowley is hell-bent on getting his paws on them or one in particular.

Please people, if there is anyone who could shed any light on this mystery I would love to know?




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