Has Sam traded part of his personality?

I still can’t get this thought out of my head that there might be something actually wrong with Sam? I picture that scene in the cabin before the Winchester hug moment and I looking at Sam’s face. I can’t get the expression of his face out of my head.  I’ve already mentioned this in the blog all ready and don’t want to tread over old ground. But, we have got to admit folks, there is something odd going on.

Each time the boys come back from some where whether it be hell, or purgatory and they’ve come back from the dead. We can’t help but think something its a bit iffy with them.  Why isn’t this time any different?  Am I now 99.9% certain that Sam has bargained something of his personality in trade for Dean’s freedom.   The thought about Sam doing a deal still hasn’t changed. I hope I’m not the only one thinking this mad thought. If this terns out to be the case, I think the writers have been very cleaver.

Jeremy said in previous interviews and mentioned the word”perception”, and how much of that is important in the unraveling of the season what has this particular word got to do with Sam’s behavior.  When I check out the word in my thesaurus I find what perception means:


  1. Acuity
  2. Awareness
  3. Discernment
  4. Observation
  5. Sensitivity


  1. View
  2. Opinion
  3. Picture
  4. Take on
  5. Slant
  6. Assessment
  7. Experience

On researching words, does this help me understand the word ‘perception’? And get my head around one of the plots of this season.  Have I come to a conclusion as to what might be up with Sam.  Could he have bargained part of his personality? The part which controls his emotions and feelings?


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