What is up with the boys chemistry?

Is it just me, am I the only one thinking something is strangely afoot.  All these thoughts in my strange, uncontrollable mind about Sam’s out of character moments leads me now to thinking is Dean off.  Are they both acting strangely. Can something be off kilter that is affecting both of them.  Last night seem to prove this theory as usually their banta and brotherly-ness  shines, and knocks us out of the park.  Is this a deliberate red herring. Can the writers be fooling us into thinking this is normality, this is what we will be getting throughout season 8.  I hope not, I hope there will be a strong apparent reason for Sam and now Dean being off, not themselves.

We no as fans and know our boys well enough, and can sense call it mother’s intuition, a gutt wrenching feeling, that all is not as it seems in the Winchester camp.  Usually Dean would sense when something is up with his brother. But this time he seems to be getting over his PTSD fairly quickly and doesn’t seem as phased, as I thought he would be. Can something supernatural be controlling them both.  Could another siren moment from season 4 be on the cards, or a Djinn moment like season 6.  This can’t be happening, can I be dreaming, there is something wrong with my beloved boys.

Is Amelia a figment in Sams imagination, does he desperately want that normality he’s craving desperately for.  Can this romantic notion be at the forefront of his mind, right now.  As Dean reminds him, it’s just how you’re feeling right now. Sam is adamant it’s not But does that ring true to you.  Three episodes in and I’m screaming at the screen come on boys get your act together, and come too.  Who or what could be pulling your strings?


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