Bella’s own flashback record, as to what is wrong with Sam?

So many thoughts have flashed before my own mind to try to ascertain what might be going wrong on-screen.  Or deliberately going wrong on-screen for us to figure out what might have happened.  My detective head is working hard, working out the many theories which are being banded around the internet at this present moment.

  1. Could Sam have made a deal
  2. Could Sam have traded in part of his personality to free Dean
  3. Could Sam simply be in love
  4. Is Amelia a figment of Sam’s imagination
  5. Could the new species of angels be playing with the boys minds
  6. Could Lucifer still be inside Sam. Cas didn’t remove all of him
  7. Could Sam’s PTSD from his time in the cage be causing trouble for him
  8. Could Amelia be a monster
  9. Or simply that fans just want Sam to be Sam, no interfering from anything supernatural

Mother’s intuition call it what you will, I am clutching at straws sensing from all forums that other fans are wanting to find later on down the line that there is something desperately wrong with him.  When he came out of the hospital and the boys left Cas behind in The born again Identity, I wondered if part of Lucifer could have stayed with him the tormenting part in his brain.  The part that he senses he doesn’t know Dean.  I would find it hard to contemplate if it turns out that he’s normal.  Theories are just that, theories but this makes me think the writing is superb, that Jeremy could be playing with our minds and entering into a different world for the show.

Did Sam actually spend time with Amelia, is she just a figment of his imagination, that the picnic scene seemed so false. The lighting didn’t seem true, Sam’s expressions didn’t fit with the nature of the scene.   There was no good buy kiss and she was awake in the cabin the night he left. The vet scene Amelia appeared so hard faced, as though she was not into Sam.  My first initial thoughts that she was a monster (possibly a witch) herself and had some hold of him like Becky did, but then that would be too soon. But, we no Sam has a track record of meeting lady monsters.  Could Sam just be simply in love, not another Becky moment please!! I want the writing to be a bit more intelligent than that.

If there were no Supernatural connection as to what is/could be wrong with Sam.  Would this move Sam forward in a different direction, would this show us the real Sam the one a number of fans really want to see.  Would this make others feel any better about the situation or not.  I no Sam deeply cares for Dean, I always see it in his eyes.  He would do anything for Dean which is why I feel he’s strongly out of character.  But why is it taking Dean so long to acknowledge that not all is right with Sam.  Dean sensed there was something up with Sam when he came back souless, why is it not so obvious to Dean time round.

What is the next episode going to reveal what if all these thoughts have been a waist of time, and its something totally different, will I feel a right prat.  Will I think I’ve got to caught up in the moment, and carried away.

Do any of you have any other interesting theories apart from the above, would love you to leave a comment and share.


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