How is PTSD going to affect Dean and Cas ?

What was Dean like when he came back from hell. Were those feelings really pushed to the limit.  Did Dean find a place in his mind where he could lock them away without being disturbed.  How did he ever really get over that trauma of hell, as we know hell from Deans eyes he had a tough time.  How did his strength and determination pull him through, and give him hope that may be one day he might actually be out. 

As if by a miracle we now no Cas was the one who dragged him back into that coffin.  Cas is now with Dean in purgatory, how has this cut off point been for both of them.  Can Dean actually mentally with stand another traumatic journey.  Can his body really survive those ordeals.  If as humans we ended up in purgatory, how well do you think we would fair.  Could we ourselves have coped with the misery and torment of an every day occurence.  Cas was with Dean throughout most of this ordeal, how has he come to terms with the change in his life, Dean has not been the only one to endure this nightmare. 

How is purgatory going to pan out, could Dean be imagining purgatory, as there are so many theories that Dean may not have even been in purgatory.  Could these flashbacks be covering up something that didn’t really exist.  But Benny later does meet Sam, so now other thoughts have been pushed aside to think yes Dean did go through that nightmare of a year.  So what are we as a viewer going to uncover as how Dean spent a year in that dirty hole of an existence.  What did he himself uncover about certain aspects that he doesn’t want to talk about?

How did this really effect Cas, we’ve seen purgatory from Deans view-point but how does Cas really fit into this adventure.  How did he suffer? Both boys were apart for some of their time down there, what separate adventures did they endure.  They are both still alive, and haven’t compared notes yet, but who would have the more detailed story of events.  What have either boys got to hide?

Any thoughts, would love to know.



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