Hunting and Normality could this actually work?

Can this fit in with the boys every day lives.  One yearns for the family and normality of life, the laid back image without the stress of the hunt.  The other is in full combat, military feel who yearns for the hunt, and couldn’t ever visage being without a hunt in his daily life. 

My question today is could the show work with just one of the boys hunting, and the other in the background working part-time as Bobby did a resources guy who Dean could turn too.  Is this another trick up the writers sleeves planting this word of ‘perception’ in our minds of what could be real or not.  There is so much mystery surrounding this word perception’ that I myself am having a hard time tossing all these thoughts into one neat little perception.’ 

Is this all this seasons premise that Sam doesn’t want to hunt any longer and Dean does. Can it be that cut and dried to establish such a theory that all is not as it seems and the perception be so simple.  Normality for Sam is reality since season 1 he’s yearned for that normal existence, getting up in the morning and going to college, and not be involved with the hunt in any description what so ever. Could Sam actually physically just walk away that easily, if the crunch came to it.  What if Dean got into trouble and Sam had to rescue him, would he naturally drop everything and run?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Dean I could see work as the lone hunter, but he would desperately miss Sam seeing him daily sitting in the passenger seat of the Impala.  It wouldn’t feel right without Sam next to him on that road trip.  Could Cas come along for the ride and keep him company? Are the boys so co-dependent that it could in fact work if the boys were not alongside each other 24/7.  Could Dean really survive on his own without any back-up from Sam. Sam knows how to act a hunter, does Cas?  Would Cas 24/7 be enough for Dean? 

Could the show work guys if Sam didn’t hunt along side Dean? Is this as fans what we really want to see?




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