Dean, Does he enjoy killing in general?

Dean is the warrior, the real all out combat warrior who would fight, the fight without hesitation, and save the human life without regard for the monster.  He can kill a human with a demon inside the meat-suit. So my question today guys is does Dean enjoy the thrill of the KILL. It bought it to my attention when he went for Mrs Tran when Crowley possessed her.  Was this PTSD at work and still recovering from purgatory and suffering after effects.  Was he thinking like pre-purgatory Dean or after-purgatory Dean.  He wasn’t himself was he?

Do we enjoy the thrill in seeing Dean get off on killing a monster so easily, would Dean be a guy you would delight in taking home to show off to your parents?  Would he be the guy that would impress the family?  Would you as a lady, feel safe in his arms right now? He worries me sometimes when he can kill so easily when a human life is at stake.  This can’t sit easily with him, but why does he continue to do it? Thinking was he protecting Mrs Tran, what did he think of his actions.  I love combat Dean, the military man who strives to be out of the ordinary, who delivers his punch lines with superb craftsmanship.  His skill in drawing you in as an incredible actor is superb.  What route are the writers wanting to take Dean, is he  a  robot killing machine, with no feeling of human/monster life.  Could he make a mistake and kill a human without prior knowledge, because he’s got caught up in the moment.  I worry purgatory is going to cloud him, his actions and his inner thoughts.  Is Dean really Dean at the moment. How long is it going to take him to adjust to normality.  Will it permanently scar him, for life. Will Dean ever be the same again?  A lot of us love the old smart-alec Dean, have we lost him forever under this cloud and rubble of his year in purgatory, can the real Dean ever come back and warm our hearts again.

So do you favour rough and ready Dean, or good old smart-alec cocky Dean? Come on guys leave me a comment, this blog is lonely without any contributors coming in and joining me.  Ease my tension, and ease my thought process.


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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