Sam, Dean, Benny and Cas is there trouble in store?

Spoilers have led us to believe that this season Cas will confide in Sam regarding Dean and Benny’s relationship.  Is this a good thing that finally these two boys are getting along and respecting each other.  They have one thing in common the welfare of Dean.  Cas is showing concern, as he’s not convinced I guess, as to who Benny really is? Friend or foe.  Benny is a monster after all.  And why would Dean trust one. Why does Cas not trust Benny, what has happened for Cas to doubt him.  Is it just a hunch, or something much more sinister.

Cas down the line obviously involves Sam in these talks and spoilers have shown Benny being investigated as to what he’s up to.  Does this mean that Sam is not happy, either.  I am sensing more angst between the boys, and god forbid have we another season 4 a drift in the sense of Dean and Benny, like Sam was with Ruby. Is this going to be a wedge between the boys relationship again. Will the four boys be at loggerheads with each other. How will Sam and Dean fair with all this conflict going down.  If in fact, there may be one. The writers might again be sewing seeds of doubt in our minds.  But from the jump, did I sense Benny could be trouble, he’s hardly been on the scene and he’s already causing an un-plesant taste in my mouth.  What could Sam do to ease any tension in camp, how could he show any concern in helping his brother out without over dramatizing the situation.  Cas and Sam working together can’t be a bad thing, or can it?

Are we right folks, to be concerned about up and coming spoilers? Or is it all in our own imaginations.


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