What if it turns out there is nothing wrong with SAM?

Is Bella cruising for a bruising.  What if all this hard work in trying to solve out whats wrong with Sam turns out to be a red herring?  Could I as a fan of Sam’s stomach this action, and could Sam be so selfish to want such a normal life and want out and give up on DEAN?  How am I and others going to really feel if Sam didn’t even look for Dean.  Have I got to really think about this possibility, that in fact it could actually be true.  Could this really be the perception of the series, that this all along has been the real path.  I can see why I have been lead to believe that Sam would so easily like that ‘NORMAL’ life, with the 2.4 kids, wifey and the white picket fence image, that has driven him in-sane all these years.

But in all honesty does Sam want it?  If/once he gets this dream life will he be entirely happy and content.  Could he actually turn his back on this life that he’s built up with Dean on the road.  Could the show be that inventive that it could with stand Sam away from hunting?  This wouldn’t bother me if Sam wanted out, because I guess the premise of the shows theme would always some how drag Sam back into the world he desperately wants to get away from.  But the not looking for Dean, has hurt me as a fan. I am going to be that brutal, and put that feeling on the line.  If there is nothing truly wrong with Sam, how could he not have physically looked under every nook and cranny until all leads where covered and then give up. I for one  could tolerate this action. But, please someone tell me that there is an end to this nightmare, and I can rest easy in my bed knowing Sammy did at least try.  I for one will jump up and down with joy if it turns out he has, but will shed a tear, if he hasn’t. Has grief been the answer all along, is it that simple that this is all it could be that is making us feel that Sam is off?

How do you feel about Sam not looking for Dean? Is Dean right to be pissed with Sammy?




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