Review: By Bella’ Season 8 Episode 4 “Bitten”

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8.5  out of 10

Let Bella enlighten you!

Jeremy Carver used to be a writer on Being Human US version, this episode is a copy-cat episode to this show, (or possibly similar to Teen Wolf) like the show frequently does, pays respect to other shows such as the X-Files blah, blah. 

We first see the covers over the bodies of 2 dead boys, in a flat.  We know multiple murders have been committed.  We see Kate cover them over, but we didn’t no at this point that Kate had done the deed.

We first see Sam and Dean walk into the flat armed surveying the place and doing a reeky.  They fined 2 dead bodies covered with a sheet.  Dean then locates a post-it note attached to the laptop saying ‘play me’? The boys watch the mystery unfold, before there very eyes. 

The kids are introduced to us sitting in a local cafe, and one of the lads is taping Kate who jumps up and asks him out right are you filming me?’ the plot continues and we get to know the lives of these kids, and what they do all day. 

The scene then focuses on something bad that happened in the woods. The story unfolds that the boys are camping, and one is attacked but, miraculously is still alive. His mate brings him home, to a horrified girl-friend, Kate.  As the story progresses the boys fall out, and one sets on the other.   The mate doesn’t oblige, in helping his colleague be turned as he doesn’t want his mate to suffer what he has because he would be disappointed. So the lad decides to do a bit of detective work and goes to the scene of the crime to find evidence.  He puts two and two together and works out that the professor is the pure blood Werewolf. 

Sam and Dean continue to work out the crime scene as they do and Dean thinks it could be a Werewolf and Sam reminds him it’s not the right time/cycle.  The boys watch Sam and Dean on their camcorder and begin to put their thoughts together that the boys are more than detectives.

The un-turned Werewolf lad, sets up a camera, and after decides to visit the professor. He had worked out the badge linked the professor to the scene of the crime in the woods.  The lad then  attacks the professor in the room in front of the hidden camera, to force him to bite him, and sets on him taping the event as evidence

The lad goes back to the flat and argues with his flat-mates and informs them he’s been bitten.  War breaks out and this is where one of the lads is knifed. Kate is then bitten in quick succession and gets the buzz of the bite lashing out.  She sees what has happened and in revenge kills him.

Sam and Dean are seen locating the professor, and killing him stone dead.

Dean closes the laptop and the boys discussed the footage;

The boys decided to let Kate live. As she wasn’t feeding on humans, and Dean thought she was awesome, (he related, as he was turned himself.) And because she remembered once that they were human, but now a monster.  And that was the ‘moral’ of the story. Letting Kate walk free, because she wasn’t feeding on humans or killing them. But it was okay for the boys to let her take animal blood.? This has happened in a previous episodes and the writers should address this fact in the future, that even animals deserve to live, as well as humans, and it’s still wrong, she is still killing. Are the boys thinking this through logically?

I loved the tone of the episode, and for a young group the acting was good, fresh and entertaining.  I enjoyed the shaky cam moments as a number haven’t as I felt it made the whole premise realistic.  I loved the fact that the boys didn’t realise that they were being looked into themselves and the lads guessing were they not cops?  Being Human is a close favourite show of mine, and I could relate to the premise of the story linking the feel and ambience.  I, in a way felt Kate was right to kill her mate, but not be allowed to walk away scott free. She did the crime. How do you feel, should the boys have killed Kate too as well as the lecturer?

With the title of the show I was apprehensive, as I thought could it have been a cheap expedition, an episode that lacked lustre and gravitas. In places it did disappoint but in others, there was greater quality in the production and the story telling which didn’t overall let me down.  It wasn’t a great, great episode but, a good filler nevertheless. Less Sam and Dean overall didn’t bother me, as the story was at best moderately okay. I have only watched this episode once this week, so I may be a bit rusty!! Hence not sure on names and stuff?

Come on fans out their share your enthusiasm with me, was the episode in your eyes dull as dish water, or a huge success. Rate the episode yourself?


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