Time traveling into the future?

I have loved all the episodes In the beginning; The end, Frontierland, Time after time. What is so special about this premise. This is why I love Dr. Who because of the time travel element. These supernatural episodes have been some of the shows best imo.

Why do they not do it more often since they have the power of angels at their disposal. I also understand that it makes Cas weaker to drag the boys about the universe, but I think these episodes have been so good. I would love them to visit the future as I would like to see what the boys have in store, and if it comes true. Does the budget restrict time travel stories?

What story could you conjure up if the boys were zapped way into the future. I could imagine all sorts of scenarios and my creative juices would be working over-time.  I love the vibe of time travel and the adventures that it could bring.  ‘The End’ in Season 5 was very different as future Dean was trigger happy killing anyone in his path.  How different as warriors would the boys be.  How different would their personalities be in the future if the show were to remain that far in the future. Could it be another possibility that the boys got stuck in the future and Cas couldn’t Zap them back, like in Frontierland  as it took most of his fuel.  Oh what fun!

How do you guys feel about time travel, is it up your street?

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