Benny, How will he get on with Sam and Cas?


Blood Brother


Since we all know Benny is a Vampire. How is this whole thing going to sit with Sam and Cas.  Will they welcome a new friend with open arms, or will one or both of the boys dislike the guy intensely.  Will he rub Sam up the wrong way, as Sam judging by next weeks clip is angry for Dean leaving him in the lurch for a ‘personal day’.  I’ve seen Sam angry, but not so in a long time.  Why is he narky that Dean is wondering off for a personal day? Isn’t Dean after all entitled to a ‘personal day’ when as Dean says you had a year away from the job yet, your begrudging me, one day.  I will be interested why there is tension in the Winchester camp, and how Sam will react to meeting Benny knowing he’s a monster.  Cas isn’t topside yet, and don’t think he’s popping up in next weeks episode.  But I think Sam is boiling for a fight.  He seems agitated to the point where he’s about to burst with rage.  Will he see Benny as a friend who saved his brother’s life, or a trouble  maker?

How is the boys story going to unfold about Benny’s maker why has Benny been beaten up, what’s he been up to, to deserve being beaten up?  I am struggling to get my head around why Dean would work with a monster, even though Benny has done good in saving Dean’s life.  What is Benny really like, do we know much about the guy, to say if we like him or not.  I for one am interested in finding why he struck a chord with Dean in purgatory, and why they are now like ‘brothers’.  What made the boys bond so easily considering Benny in the real world could be Dean’s arch-enemy?

Any thoughts about Benny, if you like the guy and want to find out more about the character.  Am I thinking he’s trouble with a capital T, or am I looking at him in entirely the wrong way. 



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