Any requests as to what you would like to see Bella post? Have your say.

This is a safe place to post, I am a nice person I promise.  I adore this show, and get a huge kick out of posting on my own blog. This blog is almost three weeks old, and thought what a better way to celebrate this to see if anyone would like me to talk about anything specific. I am being daring oh, so daring here. What will Aunty Bella come up with next.  You’re the audience, you play the tune this time round.  Don’t be shy, and leave me a comment as to what you would like to see posted on these pages, this site is as much for you, as it is me.

You might want more Dean, or Sam.  Cas might be your preferred option. Any character you might like to talk about, nows your chance.  Have your own spotlight.  See how well your choice goes down.  Don’t be shy, Aunty Bella would like to say HI, and get to know you!

It’s so lonely in ‘BLOG land’ I want to be excited and read some intelligent life forms.  I feel like I’m an alien from another planet?  Now I no how Clark Kent felt.

Come on, just click reply and surprise me. I don’t bite!


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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