What are we hoping ‘Blood Brothers’ will reveal?

I think that the fat will hit the fire tomorrow. From the clips I’ve already seen Sam is fired up to boiling point about Dean taking this so-called occasional day off.  What secret is he keeping back from Sam, and why is Sam so mad.

I am hoping the episode is going to reveal the following, I might be a tad bit forward here but Aunty Bella is hoping:

  1. What is Benny really like – are we going to find out much more about this guy?
  2. Why is Benny off to see his maker?
  3. Why does Benny get doffed up?
  4. What conversation does he had with Dean when they meet up
  5. What is Dean carrying in that cool box. More top up blood for Benny perhaps?
  6. What is really eating Sam about Dean abandoning the job?
  7. Did Benny’s maker have something to do with Dean getting out of purgatory, his he ?connected to the boys in some way shape or form?
  8. What will Sam’s story reveal in his flashbacks with Amelia, will we learn to like Amelia or not?

I don’t know why I am so interested in finding out about Benny and his maker?  What is really getting my brain thinking about these two men.  What trouble will Dean really get into for Sam to come and rescue his brother.  I think this episode is going to be a good strong one, have any of you any thoughts as to what might go down?

The shows Caption on the teaser trailer

Don’t open your door

Don’t go down into your basement?

DON’T trust a VAMPIRE!!!!  oh errrh.


What are you secret thoughts about Blood Brothers’. Do share with Aunty Bella!!


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