Could the boys relationship breakdown this season?

Is this where the boy’s road is heading?  From the clips this week I’ve seen a distressed Sam angry with Dean for going solo, for a day.  Tension is brewing, it seems already, and I am not liking this thought that all is not hunky dory.  Could the relationship we all no and love, be on the verge of a split.  This is tough love, but I would like to explore this possibility. 

We have witnessed angst from seasons past, and have known what has happened for the table to turn full circle for Sam.  We all know it wasn’t a pretty sight.  But we loved our boy nevertheless.  What I have found out since that the boy’s drift further and further apart, and it seems that Dean leaves Sam.  Now, Benny?  What did I think earlier about Benny, Vampire’s are not to be trusted.  I still think Benny could be the person who divides the boys relationship, he is the thorn in the boy’s (Sam’s) side.  He seems already to have rocked the boat with Cas, and I think is aloof with Sam. 

This theory turns out that Sam eventually goes his merry way, but the live he remember’s isn’t all colourful as he hoped it would be, and decides to return to camp.  Jeremy in the summer did hint about the relationship and that the boys would come back together.  So is this the jigsaw he was on about? These very early scenes tonight with a ratty Sam, paint the picture for a rocky road ahead.  Jensen has said in an interview the interviewer asked Jensen about Sam possibly doing the deed on Benny, Jensen replies, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  So further tension looks possible.

I think the boys will have a lot of relationship issues this season. I don’t think its going to be easy for any of us, if the writers pull this old angst card on us again this year.  Do you have any thoughts that you would like to share with the group about the boys relationship preferably keeping the content recent’.  How will Benny come between the boys? If indeed he does not, I may be painting a wrong picture here, but I could also be right, in my assumptions.

Drop Aunty Bella a line, and lets uncover further mystery about Benny and the boys? ml


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