Amelia what is her background story going to reveal?

Three clips down the line or so, what do we understand about Amelia?

I am beginning to get a clearer picture of her, simplified and from what I have seen am I impressed?  Are we as fans getting her?  Is there a spark as far as a female actress goes.  She is warming to me, and can see why Sam was possibly into her.  Was she as into him? I think this is the big question here.  I am intrigued to find out what her past is all about, and what we will uncover as the weeks go on.  Is Dean going to meet her, I will also be interested in how these three interact, considering how well Sam received Benny last night.

I think I get a feeling that Amelia could have had a rough life, I don’t know why I get this feeling, why this is in the back of my mind.  Can the writers throw us up a different angle to what they have dished up in the past.  Thinking back to Bella may be, or even Ellen and Jo.  Why is Amelia’s back story going to be any different.

Do we think Amelia will last, I think this is my big question, as females generally don’t on this show. Aunty Bella is not happy about this.  Can’t she last a bit longer than most in the past.  I liked what I saw last night, and the connection between her and Sam.  Even the dog seemed taken with her.  Sam thought her needlepoint skills were top-notch awwwh.  blush!

Can we improve this relationship from the shady picnic scene from a couple of weeks ago. We all first thought it could be fake. A distant memory now may be.  Am I thinking those earlier thoughts redundant. As she seems to be real and in the forefront of Sam’s affections. But could someone still be playing games with his feelings?  I wonder. I am itching to no what secrets she is not letting on to Sam about, are you?

What does end this relationship, this must be a contributing factor guys, any thoughts do share with Aunty Bella!!!




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