What did we think of ‘Blood Brothers’

8-9.5 out of 10

Yes, I did love the episode and think this is Supernatural at the top of its game. I love Benny’s heart-felt story about his lover and his maker, and how mature Benny came across.  I think he is a good accett to have on the show. I hope he will last. I seem to enjoy watching him on-screen much more than I thought I would.  I can’t help but think he will come to a bitter end himself.  But we will have to wait and see.  Dean might save his bacon. 

There was so much back story with the flashbacks, and got a better picture of what was going down with Sam and Amelia, it felt a bit didn’t ring true.  Some of it felt a bit missed placed.  It didn’t feel right. But I’ve been saying this all along, and may be totally wrong about her. The episode had real depth and good character role reversal were starting to show last night.  Even though I found Sam’s grumpy temper a little wierd.  I am beginning to sense he’s wanting out so badly, true love is really clouding his judgement.

The tension between the boys is definitely hotting up, and can sense the brotherly moment in the final scene with Sam meeting Benny. Sam wanting to draw his knife and Dean with a smerk forcing his brother to back down. Only these two boys could superbly control this moment. Even Benny looked worried at one point.  I think the camera angles were beautifully shot, and love the harbour scenes and Dean locating Benny.  The purgatory flashbacks were really great, and the black goo from the Levi was for once a decent CGI moment.  Cool work crew. 

What were your feelings about this episode is it pushing your buttons, or did you really not like it. Explain to Aunty Bella, as she would love to know.


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