What is up with Sam’s attitude?

I can’t work it out, since I saw that clip last week for this episode coming up, he practically jumps down Dean’s throat for walking out on the job, then all the way through talking to Dean on the phone he is so mad.  Why?  This seems to be tugging at my heart-strings this morning. I can’t put my finger on why Sam is so mad.  I guess as the season goes on we will see this story unfold.  Yet, when he is with Amelia he is his usual self, soft, with the moment, and very caring. His usual embarrassed smile, makes me chuckle.  When he is engaged with thought, and attentive towards Amelia.  Yet when back in the real world with Dean he’s as narky as hell. 

Has someone changed his personality, what has Dean done to Sam that has fueled this bad temper in Sam. Am I the only one whom can see it.   Shouting down the phone to Dean isn’t like him, is it?  Every moment he seems tensed up, like he’s almost on something wacky. 

Is there a Sam girl out there who can justify this niggly irritation, as I am having a hard time figuring Sammy out.  Is this all to do with his relationship with Amelia? Are the flashbacks winding him up into a frenzy may be?

Any thoughts guys as to Sam’s shouting moments?


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