The person outside Sam’s cabin episode 1

Is there more mystery surrounding this than meets the eye.  I keep thinking back to this person in the woods outside Sam’s cabin.  Does he hold the key to why Sam’s behaviour is strange.  Can I be thinking too much about this little attention to detail.  I can’t help but think why Sam didn’t kiss Amelia when he left and why Amelia was actually awake and maybe Sam knew she was awake or not. But I would almost expect a kiss on departing, which I can’t help but think something was off between the pair.  Had Sam really found out Amelia’s real true colours that early on.

Not many fans were aware of this figure looming outside in the trees, but I think this is pivotal in Sams shady story.  This person could hold the key as to what this story may later reveal.  It’s still being talked about and would like to know your suspicions on this tiny little or huge mystery so far.  May be it might have been the cameraman playing tricks with us and may have nothing to do with the adventure what so ever.  I think I can safely assume I’m not going gar gar just yet.  Episode 1 has played a real big cliffy for me for a number of reasons even down to the Winchester classic brotherly hug.  Won’t harp on about what’s been and gone, but I do strongly feel that this shady unseen character has something vital to do with Sam’s events.

Do drop by and chat with aunty Bella as she wants to get to the bottom of this little beauty. Do you feel the same about this mystery figure, like me?

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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