What do we really no about Benny?

And what is there still to uncover about Benny?

I’ve never seen this guy act before I saw him on Supernatural. Last night I viewed him for the first time on something else, Arrow’ girls this man is awesome.  He is oozing charisma by the buck-load.  He is very mature, and has sizzling good looks to boot. I am in a dilemma. I think Ty Olsen is going to be a big star.  But as far as Supernatural goes where does this leave my predictions.

Dean has been saved twice in his life by two great men other than Sam.  Cas was the first dragged Dean from hell into the coffin how can I ever forget that great escape.  Season 8 bought a second attempt to save Dean’s life by another aloof stranger.  I must admit at first I wasn’t 100% sure I could fully trust him.  But for once on this show I think this Vampire could be a real test to the shows history.  Could this monster actually save his own bacon? Could he survive, and outwit the boys.  I wouldn’t put it past Benny.  ‘Don’t trust a Vampire is still ringing in my ears, but I have so warmed to him, that I think could there be a possibility of him staying long term.  Could all four boys get on, and be in harmony with each other.  Could he in fact be the new Bobby?

We saw the love of Benny’s life, and how she captivated him, and blinded his thoughts. She was a real distraction.  How long was she with Benny, and what a bigger part of his life did Andrea play?  Was she the making of him, and made him the real man he is now?  Would that relationship have lasted if Dean had not have ended it?  He drifted along with her for a long time, loosing her in his arms this episode.

What did Benny’s maker mean to him, did his makers true colours really shine in this episode, he was ire and so young.  I would like to have known more about these two characters.  It was an interesting back story which took off into something rather special.

How do we see Benny’s future, what role is he going to play now he’s met his maker.  Lost his lover, and gained a new best friend in Dean.  Has Cas taken him on board and accepted this new monster breed, the friendly Vampire.  Could Benny actually work and fit within the core of this team including Sam.  Could this be the new Team Free Will’.

Aunty Bella is dying to know what you think of Benny, and how you think he fits into the premise of the show.  Where his character could really go.  Is he the next big bad, could he even be working for someone behind the scenes? I want to learn more, as I am finding him irresistible.




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