The final scene on Blood Brothers?

How did you decipher it, how did it come across to you? Was there much more to that scene than met the eye.  Did Sam perhaps no Benny, how sure was Sam that he sensed that Benny could have been bad news without ever having met him. Are Sam’s instincts that accurate, according to this first meeting.  Had both of them actually really met. Could this be a very strong possibility.  Why did Sam come across as having such a dislike towards Benny, that he really got Sam’s back up in such a short couple of seconds.  He had made his mind up about Benny in such a short passage of time.

Supernatural - 08x05 Blood Brother

May be Sam does no Benny, if Sam has done this supposed deal with the Alpha Vamp, or Sam could have sent Benny into Purgatory himself?  I am so mystified about Sam’s judgement that he would want to kill a monster instantly without talking to the monster first.  This has always been his first basic principle towards Dean who was always the one to shoot first and ask later.  The look on Sam’s face is something else, I have seen some looks lately from Sam, but never one quite as stern as this one.

Sam also seems very cautious of Dean at the moment.  Or is this my imagination working on overdrive too.  Very complex thoughts are rising in me like never before.  I feel like a prophet has walked into my meat-suit, lol! May be Deans PTSD is much more than we first thought, Sam’s temperament towards Dean is changing, and we can see its probably dawning on him that Dean is not the Dean before he went to purgatory.  Does Sam possibly think it might not be the Dean he knows as Dean? Could someone else may be riding Dean’s meat-suit. If you look at this from Sam’s view point is he right to feel suspicious of his own brother,  coming back home with a Vampire in toe.

Is this the Dean you would think as your brother. Is it something he would really do?  Sam is right not to trust Dean as the Dean, Sam knows is all about killing demons and things that go bump in the night.  Yet, this Dean has let a werewolf go, and is very strangely hanging around a vampire.  Does this sound like the Dean that Sam really knows.  Is this Sam just being a tad over cautious, was the knife pulling stunt far more than it seemed on first view.

What suspicions do you have as regards to both Sam and Dean. Are the boys any different than we have seen before?  The look on Dean’s face above when Sam pulled the knife from his pocket, was such an awesome look from Dean, one we’d quite never seen before, Is someone or something really coming between the brothers to make them act so oddly, or is this simply what purgatory and a year apart has created.  Can the writers tease us any more with this tiny little snippets of information I can’t contain myself much longer, the suspense is killing me.

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