What has a year apart done to the boys?

The boys have spent a year apart before. Why is this year apart so different from the last time. Why are their feelings so up in the air, what is really wrong with their personalities that they can’t stand to be around each other. What has gone so terribly wrong with both of them that they can’t bring themselves to talk about their time apart like grown men. What has purgatory really done to Dean, and has Amelia really clouded Sam’s judgement concerning Dean. Could time apart have really affected this relationship permanently, and affected the bond so deeply.

After seeing Dean pull that gun on Sam and turn on him really threw me a WOW factor moment. It blew my mind thinking has the relationship got so  bad that the boys resort into having a sibling spat because Dean is possessed by a Specktre’. Couldn’t they have resolved this spat without the possession of something Supernatural coming into play.  Dean still holds a grudge against Sam since Season 4, and the whole episode reminded me of Sex and Violence season 4 when both boys were possessed by a Siren.  The boys end up in a fight, whats new there.  Can the boys not be capable of talking without being drugged by something.

So much can happen in a year which is my main butt bearer of an argument.  Not which boys ordeal was tougher, or more interesting, but what this had actually done to the relationship itself. How damaged its got, how depressed its become like all the stuffing has gone from them and they’ve lost all hope.  What’s gone on that they are holding back on refraining from talking it through, and  allowing it to naturally come ahead.  Does it take something supernatural to allow these boys to man up, and open up.

I still can’t get my head around how Sam is toward Dean, and how pushy he’s got, and demanding.  I can allow most things but Sam lately is really off the radar, he’s not who he was.  Has the damage been done, can this relationship get firmly back on track form this.  Is this as dark as its going to get. Benny is Sam’s annoyance this season, and Amelia is Dean’s clearly. So these two new characters are proving to be a real headache. But are they the real reason of what is coming between the boys, if anything is.  Can they work this current feud out, can they come to a mutual understanding and finally lay some ghosts to rest.

Share your feelings with Aunty Bella, she would like to know whats getting to you about the boys feud, would you like to knock their heads together too. Do leave a comment!   


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