Another little theory on Sam, are the pieces finally coming together?

Since searching the net again I have found some more fascinating information.  I have never found so much knowledge out there on this footage my mind is boggling.  What I have since found on tumblr and other places that Amelia is fake and the dog is not. Because Dean smelt it in the car.  Sam did hit the dog, because he was distraught and not in control of his actions after loosing Dean. That much is proving positive. This also relates to my previous plot points earlier that the ire scene in the cabin that I wondered why Sam made contact and touched the dog, and not Amelia, because Amelia was not in his memory the dog was.

Her name. It’s AMELIA. A variation of the name Amy.  There is no reason why they would name her such a similar name if there was no connection. She was actually in a previous episode, As is Amy Pond, this is another reason why Amy/Amelia are too coincidental  In this way, she could be a person who Sam wants/would like.  Amelia is SO SIMILAR to Sam, this is wired even for Sam, to imagine any other name for example Alice would be totally different.  It does appear that Amelia could be mirror imagining Sams life back to him.  Her dead boyfriend coincidentally named Don, how many times has Don been used on the show, and does sound a lot like Dean.  Very similar names afoot here to be too real.

Also, there has been talk that Crowley could have kidnapped Sam and tortured him implanting fake memories making something appear better than it is. In this way, it could mean that these memories are covering up something much worse. Maybe Sam’s wall didn’t fully heal. Maybe he was tortured by Crowley or someone or something else.  Perhaps Cas never did fully heal Sam. Which was an earlier prediction of mine.

The flashbacks on Sams part, seem very vague as though he is having trouble in recalling those sequence of events.  ‘Amelia’ is either a coping mechanism, or implanted memories. To me, I would say these thoughts are implanted memories because if they were a coping mechanism a year is a long time for grief to continue on this scale. But it could also beg the question about that Sam’s wall never being fully healed.

Are you loving these theories folks, I certainly am, I think this is proving that Sam has had a good enough reason why he didn’t look for Dean, and Dean might find it in his heart to forgive him after all.  I am pleased also that Amelia seems fake, as I didn’t overly care for Sam’s choice in lady friends.

Any thoughts as to what you feel about these new findings, Aunty Bella would love to know.


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