Could Crowley have after all had something to do with Sam?

Sorry if this is becoming an obsession, I am finding the more I think about this, the more I want to delve into this and uncover and unearth more.  I was thinking last night as you sometimes do and I got up and made a note of my thoughts, so I wouldn’t forget.  Take yourself back, if you would to the finale of Season 7.  Crowley was in co-hoots with Dick Roman to make a deal, and Dick offered Crowley all of Canada.  As the finale developed there was a scene I could not get out of my head.  I remember and had a hunch that Crowley and Dick were setting the boys up.  A test tube of blood was handed over and they talked about this deal and the scroll and threw out pages of text.  The next scene involved Dick talking to Crowley Dick said bring them to me, and Crowley in return says something like I could see the Winchesters out of the way.  What if this was Crowley’s plan all along to lure the boys to Dick and deliberately send Dean into purgatory so Crowley could separate them, but for what reason, and why not chuck both boys in purgatory, why Dean and Cas. Was Cas just in the wrong place at the wrong time, was the original plan to have both boys in the lab and make both of them disappear.

I believe the writers wanted the boys separated as the final scenes in the finale emerged with Dean stabbing Dick with with bone, and it didn’t work. Then Dean reveals the second bone  and stabs him in the neck.  This creates the special effects waves and booming noises and Cas, Dean and Dick explode into thin air.

Crowley and Kevin are left with Sam in the Lab and Crowley’s demons teleport  away with Kevin, leaving Crowley with Sam in this LAB.  So what actually happened after this scene when Crowley echoes to a shocked Sam you are totally alone.’ The camera hones in on Sam as he tries to make sense of what has just gone down.  He is mesmerized and out of it.  When the screen dies to black, we see purgatory and Dean wake up with Cas.  Now we never saw that scene develop with Crowley, and I remember the thoughts penetrate in my mind. For god sake SAM don’t go with Crowley. Don’t get involved with Crowley.  We don’t no what Sam did after he walked out of that lab.  When he came to, if he ever came to fully, could Crowley have teleported Sam with him some where, and tampered with his memory or involved another person.  I can’t believe that Crowley wasn’t tempted to do something to Sam, get him on his side, turn him into a demon or what ever.  But Crowley in that finale scene has been bugging me for months.

Could anyone else guess what Crowley may have been up to in that LAB, did he just simply teleport and leave Sam all alone. I’m beginning to wonder.  Let me know what you think about Crowley’s interaction with Sam, and if he could have something to do with whats going down with Sam? 


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