The Raiders of the lost arc theme, what will the end result of the season be?

Text from the net, relating to the raiders theme?

We’ll see plenty of the prophet Kevin, along with Crowley, and: “It’s about Kevin the tablets, and the word of God. It’s basically an angels-Vs-demons year. It’s not apocalyptic, but about who can gain control and keep demons in Hell or angels in Heaven.”


Tomorrow sees the return of Kevin and a little slice of, what exactly.  What does Kevin actually know. Is he hiding something big that he hasn’t informed anyone about? Researching snippets of information on the net, for a fresh approach turning off Sam for a bit, I thought what topic could I still really delve into.  Both Crowley and the boys want the same thing this season, Crowley is what happens when you take your eye off the ball.  The boys will be caught off guard in their chase for the end prize.  But what is this prize?  The two tablets are obviously a message from God to kill the Leviathan’, and the other tablet is the key to unlock/lock hell but why. Why did God make that key to lock Hell? Did it need a key? Why were they ever bought into the show, and what is there attraction.  Why are these words of god so crucial to the theme of this seasons arc? Will tomorrows episode shine any light on this subject matter and thread area’s of the show together?  Crowley is up to something but what?  Does he want these tablets or one tablet more importantly so badly that he would do anything at the power of his disposal, to get it. But WHY?

The boys want to locate a tablet the hell version as we know to close the doors of hell FOREVER! but is that the tablets only source of existence? God must have written text on those tablets for a reason, but why is this text so important to the overall theme of the show? The raiders theme is supposed to be Angels vs Demons, but one tablet is for the Leviathan, and the other tablet for Demons. Are the angels protecting those tablets from demons, so demonic forces can’t locate or get to God? What message is really hidden in the demons tablet, that will get this season off into a frenzy?

Would like to know if you know any more on these amazing tablets, if you would like to share your gossip? 


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