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I have noticed that people still view my blog even-though I haven’t posted on IMDB for a few days.  This is really impressive stuff guys, thank you so much for looking in on my work.  I want this blog to do well, and succeed.  Its been a tough six weeks and the stats say I’m averaging at 25 views a day.  Spread the word if you like what you are reading, as it does get lonely around here with no one else to talk to.

I have watched the show this morning and thought the episode blew me away.  My only downer was the human portal.  I was convinced that this would be because Castiel wasn’t human.  But he did the honorable thing  because he wanted to stay, as he still felt he had done wrong, and take his punishment like a man.  He felt bad over what he had done, and wanted purgatory to be his punishment. The way Dean was last night was awesome, he as an actor never fails to surprise me in how he acts a scene, and gets his point of view across. How downbeat he was, how guilty he was, thinking it was his own fault that Cas had died, and that he immediately wanted an answer and Cas in turn gave him it.  Cas thinks so much of Dean, and Deans knows that Cas is really a lovely angel. I was going to say man, but he’s not a man. Force of habit.  All Dean wanted to do was save his friends, enveloping Benny into himself where he wasn’t over sure of the consequences whether he would actually survive, or being turned into a vamp again. So Benny did not have anything to do with Castiel’s death, or bargaining with him keeping him captive or whatever else had been discussed.  There was some real interaction going on with Cas, Dean and Benny. Sam, Dean and Cas. Kevin and Mrs Tran and the witch.  Cas and Naomi, what was all that about? was she wanting to turn Cas against the boys your guess is as good as mine.  Crowley cutting Kevin’s finger off, Jeremy is getting foul with his torture treatments.  What happened to Crowley did Cas finally finish him off? I loved Crowley nagging Kevin forcing out information from the tablet.  The prophets around the table was also interesting to unveil what Crowley was really up to.

What were your thoughts on this episode, how did you rate it.  Did it give you the vital information you wanted to discover, or were you rather disappointed.


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