Kevin and Mrs Tran, Do we love or not really care for them?

How do we actually feel about these two additions to the season this year?

Thanks to Bea for bringing this to my attention that some don’t really take to them, so hope Bea doesn’t mind me using this thought for a new post.

What thoughts do you all have if a question was thrown out to the fans, how do you think it would be received?  I first thought Mrs Tran was a great addition to the team, but now I’m not so sure.  She came across as a free spirit, very forward and delivered her words well, and fitted into the theme of the show.  But what do we really no about her?  Why did Crowley actually posses her?  How all of a sudden can she no how to call a demon and make a demon bomb.  She seemed too worldly wise to be true.

I get Kevin is planted into the show because his character has been written in as the prophet, and Kevin has a mother. So far so good, in simple terms.  But how come all of a sudden does Mrs Tran become so knowledgeable about anything Supernatural.  She appeared cool to start with, but am I and others may be getting a tad bored with her over exuberance.  What real help is she to the boys.  She has already been ticked off by Sam for getting her son kidnapped and having his finger cut off.  Was she actually taking on far more than she could actually chew, summoning a witch that turned out to be a demon, who dobbed her into Crowley.  What is her character progression?  How far could she go to win us fans over, or has she already done so.

Kevin, as a Prophet, do I buy it?  do you?  Is he over forward too. Is he believable as some youngsters have been in the past.  What do we really understand about Kevin. What his background is, and why god chose him as his prophet?  Kevin is very bright, always driven being the best that he can be in all his school subjects.  Is he naturally gifted, or driven to do well, or are other forces at work?  What is Kevin’s future, does he have a solid goal regarding the tablets, is this his soul work throughout the season translating what is on all these mysterious tablets?  What power does Kevin actually have?  Could he actually have the power to get one over on Crowley?

How do you really feel about these two characters.  Do you think they have further character progression?  And what purpose do you really see these two contributing to the show in the long run? Any thoughts as Aunty Bella would love to know?

Do you like, love or think these two are okay, or can’t you take them any longer, because they really irritate you, do you want to see them have a quick exit?


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