Is this the best season since season 5?

I am loving how people are finding out what is really going on.  How determined people are in clearing Sam in not looking for Dean.  When the fat eventually hits the fire, I can’t wait to see the boys faces when they realize what might be afoot.  If these facts turn out to be true.  A whole host of reasons could be going on behind the scenes with this new breed of angels.  I had a very early hunch about this species, that they have manipulated the boys before but not to this level.  I would like to understand how these new angels interact and what threat they are to the existing angels.

I have my suspicions  about Cas, that he is being used a possible pawn and we’ve seen he doesn’t already realize that he is being manipulated and being told what to do. Even-though  he has shown us all that he has rebelled against such orders.  Why has Naomi homed in on Cas, why does she specifically want to make him work behind the boys backs. What is Naomi wanting to find out that is so specific to their plans.  I still think that Naomi pulled Cas back deliberately from going through the portal. I don’t just by that Cas just let go from Dean.  Especially when he shouted the mans name? He wouldn’t do that if he just let go, there would be no words coming from his mouth. Are these Angels really wanting to start off the Apocalypse. Why do the Angels want to keep the boys apart so desperately.  It looks as if the boys will eventually split, and separate over Benny. We know, or think we no, this much.  But why are the Angels playing such a devilish part in this.  Is it better for the boys to be together, than apart.  Do they want the boys apart for a reason.  But we have a strong feeling from Jeremy’s interviews that the boys will re-unite.

The premise for this season is Angels vs Demons, so with this thought still in the back of my mind from the summer. My inspiration is still at work. What part do the demons have to play in this adventure? Making sure that the gates of hell do not close?  Are the Angels and Demons at war again, are they wanting to destroy earth for their own ends.  Why are angels so horrible to humans, why do they always appear to be performing unfavorable tasks on other people.  Cas was the good angel that always stood out. Does Cas have a huge part to play in this Angels vs Demons story line.  Is he the one that will save the day.  Will he save planet earth? Is Jeremy wanting to go back to the end of season 5 for his three year story arc, will the boys fight as it was originally predicted? Are are the boys being groomed again to be vessels, without their knowledge?

Come on guys be brave and talk to Aunty Bella, plenty of you are viewing my blog please stop by, and let me know your thoughts as to what you think the Angels plans are. What do you think their huge plan actually is, do spill!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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