What game is Naomi playing?


Did Naomi plant Benny in Purgatory to keep an eye on Dean? Was it her army standing outside Sam’s cabin that night? I felt all along that Benny was up to no good, to lure Dean into his web, and act all innocent. Do we know this for sure? Is Purgatory also a figment of Dean’s imagination? Has Naomi also mine wiped Dean’s memories and played tricks on him? Do we remember what Zachariah was capable of during Season 4 in It’s a terrible life!

Naomi seems very powerful with her angel abilities, how far up the ranking system is she?  Who is her boss? What other powers does she possess. We have seen her teleport Cas from Earth to her domain.  Then back down to earth without a soul knowing about it.  But what other possibilities is she capable of. If she is making herself out to be so invisible where will her surprises actually end.  You think of all the big bads which have been before her, us thinking that Crowley could be this seasons ultimate. But I am beginning to wonder how bad Naomi is prepared to go, and to what lengths.

I believe she has also tampered with Cas, as I don’t get for one minute that Cas would shout ‘Dean’ and then deliberately let go of his hand. Yes he wanted to pay for his crime, but I doubt he would really give up that chance of ‘freedom’ so easily. Could this be that magic word feeding into the season so much already this year, perception? What is actually real, or fake? Cas’s facial expressions were believable. Could this be masking his inner feelings? Could Naomi be that manipulative that she could in fact distort all the boys’ real memories to such an extent?

We know so much about the tablets that they are a compendium, so this must mean more than one tablet. God must have been busy writing all these tablets. But for what gain? We know now there is one for ‘Hell’, do we suspect there is one for ‘Heaven’ that these angels are trying to protect. Which is why they want the boys on their side to their bidding. Do they actually want to re-start the Apocalypse is this why they are so keen in involving, and look after Sam and Dean? What is the purpose behind them wiping parts of the boy’s minds? If this is what they have actually done, and implanted new ones. It may be just Sam that has been affected. But I am now having doubts about this. I think Naomi has ordered it. I am confused with these thoughts, as to what Naomi’s end game really is. What is her goal?

Does anyone else have any theories as to what she might be up to? Aunty Bella would love to no and have a chat with you all.


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