Could Cas be Metatron?

The more I think about this, the more I think it could be possible.  Every time that Cas has got into trouble, God has put him right and made him much more powerful. He has rejuvenated him, and pumped him up juice wise.  Why would God go to such lengths if Cas were not Metatron?  I have always suspected that Cas was made for bigger things. He works so closely with God, never questioning him or doubting his orders. But has never met god, which could be a downer as only four have seen God according to Cas? Why is Naomi so interested in Cas, what other motive does she have.  She knows he is aware of the tablets, YES! but what other motive does she have. Why is he so important to her plans. Is it more than, just working closely with the Winchesters?

Why has Cas been the Angel that has always looked out for the Winchesters? Why has his angel always been the good guy turned bad.  Why is his character in particular been bought to our attention since season 4.  God ordered Cas to bring Dean back from hell, why Cas, why was he so special in orchestrating Dean’s escape from Hell? God could have chosen any angel, why Castiel?

Each time Cas has come back from the dead by God, his powers are so much more fine tuned and robust.  Cas just takes it for granted that its Gods will that mended him, favored him, and helped him.  Even when times where bad, Cas was looked after by God, but WHY? Does Cas have a secret identity, we don’t know about yet.  Could he be this amazing figure that has been kept in the dark, for a reason.  I would love Cas to be exposed as something so much more powerful, such as Gods next right hand man.

Do you have any thoughts if Cas could be Metatron, or do you think someone else could be him, do spill. As Aunty Bella as ever would love to know.  

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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