Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

We know Sam and Dean have been apart for a year, and have been apart for a year or more before.  Sam’s line Hunters Guilt’ has thrown me into turmoil wondering what Sam had actually been through that last year.  Was he just getting over his incident, or was he still battling his demons.  He seemed in episode 1 to be getting over his demons when he went back to that cabin in episode 1.  I am certain now Sam was on his way back there to look for Dean, these are the pieces of the jigsaw that haven’t been put back together yet. He had come to, and this was why he seemed surprised to actually see him when Dean was in the cabin already there.  Dean hadn’t contacted Sam, so how did Dean no Sam was coming or did he?

So with this thought and Sam’s ownership that he has began to live his life again, does this mean his PTSD is behind him?  Has he recovered what ever took over or got to him.  We don’t know yet if the angels have had anything to do with Sam’s recovery, but by his own admission he is learning to live with it, so what ever went down must have been hard to deal with, and move forward from. So what made him own up to Dean, that he was walking past it. But what? He is still having flashbacks, so by this admission has he actually walked past it?

PTSD is very different for both boys. Dean has just got back from Purgatory, and is living the best he can and adapting to every day life.  He has also been in different places and managed to pull himself together before. But why has this time been any different.  Has Purgatory been so hard for him to climatise himself too. Shock can change people, and in Dean’s life he has been in far worse places, and been through hard times in his life. Why has this disorder really changed him.  Or has it changed him.  Dean is obviously still feeling guilty over Cas, and possibly Benny that he finds it hard to let his guilt go.  Why does he pent stuff up so much to the extent that he can’t walk past it?  What is actually stopping him from walking past it? Is Naomi manipulating his memories still? Jensen has talked about soldiers on the front line, and how he compared these story lines with his and Benny’s.  How each second meant surviving and living with other daily challenges down there such as the smell, the heat, and confusion.  So how did he actually last that full year. Why was a year so important and crucial. Could it have taken a couple of weeks walking to find the portal. How long have the angels had tabs on the boys, and what could they have put them through, if they’ve had any involvement at all?

We know some of the symptoms of PTSD, but what is this doing to the boys relationship.  Since one has coped and come out a bit worse for wear, and the other is still dealing. Is it coming between them, and destroying what they have already built up.  Is their body make-up so badly damaged that they can’t come back from it, where ever it was?  Is this PTSD going to bring the boys down so that they can’t cope any longer, or affect one more than the other? Both are at different levels, and one is trying to lean on the other. And we can see Sam trying his damnedest to prop up Dean.  Why can’t they some how connect with each other again, and come back to  a middle footing.  Sam’s confession was a real eye-opener in pulling his brother closer towards him, but is this enough to ease the torn relationship, and more importantly wear will it end up?

Do you know much about PTSD. Do you think this could damage the boys bond, or bring them closer together? Talk to Aunty Bella, as he is wanting some interaction.


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