What would you like to talk about?

Since there was no episode last night, my inspiration has dried up. It happens!

I’ve thrown this out there before, is there something you would like to talk about.  What is on your mind about this season that you would like answered?  Put your thinking caps on and drop Aunty Bella a line.  Could you see something a head in the plot line that others might not have thought about.  Do you see the boys relationship suffering yet again this season?  How do you think they will split and how do you think they will make it up? You might have thoughts about Naomi and these angels? The tablets? Amelia and Benny?

This season could offer so much thread wise, things that haven’t been discussed that could do with some air time.  What would you love to see resolved that hasn’t already had a conclusion to.  It could be present or past thoughts that you wished the writers had addressed.  Come on guys talk to me, and lets get this blog rolling. I would love to see some replies here today. Its lonely here in blog land with no one to talk too.



Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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