How do you think Sam and Deans year panned out?


Did there time apart appear so terrible that they can’t actually talk it out man to man.  Are they so traumatized that they can’t communicate between each other considering how close they actually are? Do we notice such a change in the boys that they don’t no themselves that they are not right.  Strange things have been happening that we as an audience are aware of, but are they?  They seem to trudge along oblivious to what has happened to each other that there memories seem so distorted by PTSD or angel influences.

Angst has always been a big part on this show, and has always driven a wedge between the brothers, and they have always come back to the fold with a deep hug to seal their love for each other.  But what force is coming between them, that is so angsty that they can’t see what is happening right under their noises. I am not liking the sound of these new angels if this is what they are doing to the brothers relationship.  I would love to find out what their ulterior motive actually is. What lengths will they go to to drive the boys apart.  What will break the ice between these two boys, will Benny be that camel that breaks the camels back.

Could the boys year apart actually have happened, could it all in fact be a manipulation to the highest level.  Do we definitely see some heavy power at work here?  Are the boys struggling to remember what happened because it may never have happened?  There could be so many twists to this story that could really spark off some amazing writing.  The boys seem so vague and distant towards one another, that for sometime have considered what is really affecting them both.  Yet Dean does seem to have a very polished idea of what went down in purgatory to the extent he remembers the smell, and how ragged he got, but didn’t remember leaving the portal ‘correctly’ according to Cas.  So what are we to assume from this knowledge, that all is not as it seems? Is Dean’s memory so distorted that he can’t fully remember what actually did happen?  Or is Cas so distorted also, that his vision might not be the correct one either.  After all we saw two versions of events that went down, which are we to believe?

Sam’s seems much more unrealistic, to the point where he has a hard time grasping reality from a vision.  I think he is really struggling to see the vision as it did actually happen.  Did it really happen the way he thought?  Did Amelia really act this way, or was it his mind being manipulated.  This we are not certain of yet, as we have not seen the full footage. So what could have gone down with Sam.  Is his story going to reveal the truth or distorted information?

Aunty Bella would love to know how you thought their year went down, and if their recollection of events was as true to their memories as what they first thought?   



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