What do we think of Season 8 so far ………..

I am slowly beginning to unveil that some love this season and others really are not taking to it. Why are people not taking to it? Why are people loving it so much? Let your hair down and say to others why you like or don’t like it. Lets talk about what is really annoying you to the extent that you may turn off.

Personally I am really enjoying it and as some have said its on par with seasons 4 and 5. The writing is better, the pacing is better, and the angst is hotting up nicely. There is definitely a seasonal arc building up and there are more characters coming in. The J’s are on less, seem to be having a lighter schedule, but does this actually bother us if the show is getting back to its older format and getting better? Do you feel any different this season to any other? Has it really got you thinking and analyzing the show more?

Aunty Bella is curious as to what you all really think. How the eight years are going in general and is it as good as what went down before it? 



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