The viewing figures for this blog?

Alice Springs Map

Another big thank you to all of you who view this blog and give me a daily figure. Its so appreciated that a huge number look in from all over the world.  I am chuffed to say Australia is the top country for clicking in, and reading what I have to say daily.  I wonder why its topping America.  Are there a load of Supernatural fans in Australia. I would love to know what you guys think of the show down under!   My figures are averaging 80 per day now, and is growing, so hugs to you all for lurking out there, and enjoy what I post.  I receive some lovely comments from way out countries, I never would have thought possible, that they even get the show that far away.  I no shows are sold to many countries and is a credit to the show that countries have bought it, because to us fans, its a great entertaining show.  If English isn’t a countries second language, why does this show interest them.  What is the fascination if someone asked you why you watch, how would you reply?

Why do you think this show is so popular around the world? what is its major appeal. Is it more than the brothers relationship, that fans tune in for each week.  What does attract you, Aunty Bella would love to know, share your thoughts and drop me a line  ….


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, come back soon!

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