What are we wanting the next episode to reveal?

What questions do we think are due?  What do we really want an answer too.

I am really wanting a Sam view point this episode. I want to understand what went down during his year apart from Dean.  Purgatory has been revealed quite a bit now and then is a strong sense of not being keen on Amelia.  We have two more episodes before the Christmas hiatus so a lot needs to be revealed during 2 hours of air play if they plan to tease us back in the new year.  I really feel if Sam is not handled properly the show may loose a number of long following fans.  I am already getting the impression that things are not as they seem and need addressing.

I don’t think Sam’s story has really given him gravitas.  Its leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths because its not being handled sympathetically.  People are tired of Sam being the weak of the two boys, often drawing that shorter straw.  Does he deserve this writing that is being thrown at him.  He deserves better in my opinion as he is a hero, he is a strong dedicated hunter who tries to do the best he can with what skills he’s got.  He is often side lined with weaker plots as some fans are saying on other forums.   I get this with Amelia, that is Sam’s life the normal life, or with a wifey and 2.4 kids in toe. May be in the early days I think Sam did want this.  But not any longer. His outlook on life has changed, and to bring a girl back into his life now when Sam knows he can’t have both is a bit lame.  Sam’s speech to Adam way back when was do you have a girlfriend, not any longer you don’t’. So why has Jeremy harped back on to times past. Why do they need to re-visit the past, for what effect and reason? Is this all the writers can think up, for Sam’s excuse as to why he didn’t look for Dean.  I was hoping if this proves to be the case the show may have become stale, and needs re-inventing.

Sam to many is obviously out of character. But is it really out of character if this storyline turns out to be his case.  With Sam’s line of Hunters Guilt last week he’s managed to walk past what ever it was that he needed to walk past.  So does this mean Amelia is still here?  Has he moved on from her?  What broke up that relationship, if in fact there was one.  What do we want Sam’s story to actually reveal, at length we have discussed on this blog, some scenarios and possibilities that might have gone down during his year without Dean.  In past footage we also learn about Sam that he can’t handle being without Dean long term. So how did he cope, what strategies did he put into place to make his life easier without Dean.  How did he get past and manage those days without Dean around.  Is this what I am really hankering after, and want answers too.

What do you think should be revealed as Aunty Bella would love to know your thoughts?


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