Who is Naomi on Supernatural?

This is the heading which is coming up most as a search topic for Supernatural fans on this blog?  This is what they seemed to want to find out about more.  This is very curious, as to why this is?  Are fans beginning to feel there is more to Naomi than meets the eye.  What does she stand for, and what is her Rank in the angel kingdom?  This information seems to be proving very popular.  Its so strange what can spark of my inspiration for a thread.  Just reading this heading spurred me on to get typing and find out more, if others are in fact suspicious of her too.

Could she be tampering with all four men? Or is there more to her than this.  She is protecting the words of God, but is this also her only activity.  Does she also have an ulterior motive, as do all bad guys on this show.  I take it in many eyes she is at present looked down on as the bad guy, not a good guy/woman to be PC. Why is she here, why aren’t the boys sussing they could be being watched. At one time they would have sussed this out a mile off. Are the boys slacking as there getting older?  One meeting with Castiel has stirred up so much hysteria that one person could be causing all this mayhem in the boys minds that they haven’t figured it out that something Supernatural could be at work.  They are just accepting it at face value ‘normality’ come on boys snap out of it.  Open your eyes and see what is right in front of you.

Can the boys wake up to whom might be watching them.  Who might be causing them grief.  Who might be interfering with their daily lives. Who might be changing their points of view.  Who might be totally re-addressing how there seeing things.  The list goes on and on. How powerful is she, and what does she really want?

Aunty Bella would love to know what you think about Naomi and what she might be up too?


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