Could Naomi be Amelia in disguise?

A thought hit me. Think back to Mystery Spot Season 3 when Sam lived Tuesday so many times. It took Sam a while to work out what was going on and whom was behind it. ‘GABRIEL’. Gabe had morphed into another person. Clever ha.

Think back to season 5 and ‘Free to be you and me’ Jessica’ morphed into ‘Lucifer‘. Coincidence, I don’t think so.

Think back to season 7 when Sam was on a lock down ward when he had his break down. ‘The male nurse‘ morphed into ‘Lucifer’ as part of Sam’s torture. What if Naomi is actually AMELIA in disguise. Or it could in fact be Lucifer playing tricks on him again?

But this still does not answer my question of whom was out side Sam’s house that night when he left. Was it in fact Don?

Thoughts? Aunty Bella would love to know what your thinking! I promise I’m not an angel ….


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