Sam thinks others are living in a dream world ……….

Is he? By his own admission last night to the guest star is Sam’s reality/fantasy exactly the same. Is this why all three men bounced back out of the dream like state cartoon in the guest stars mind.  Was it because Sam is the one experienced the dream world. How true or distorted are his visions? Are any of his flashbacks actually true? By living in a dream world, how did Sam visualize the guest stars problems did he think at this point they both had something in common. They were suffering from the same problem?  Was it just coincidence that Sam’s message to the guest star was resembling his own thoughts mirror imaging what he is actually going through himself. (not sure of the man’s name yet, so for the moment I am calling him guest star, only seen episode once so far). Could Sam’s dream world, be much more intelligent than we’re given it credit for?

As we view more of Sam’s flashbacks, what are we actually understanding?  Very early on we have established that all is not right. Not just with Sam, others are having similar problems.  These supernatural angels are very powerful beings. This new species is proving to be a bit of a hazard especially with Cas as he is beginning to sense all is not well.  Could he be warming to the idea that with his detective skills coming into play he has begun to look for clues himself.  What will happen to him once he actually works out what is going on.  Will he be able to confront Naomi, and put a stop to her medaling. Could she ever be stopped.

Are Sam’s visions puzzling you, as to what may be causing this annoyance to Sam. How will Sam actually come too and realize something is afoot. Did Amelia actually happen, and the angels are distorting Sam’s visions. Will it be Cas that prompts him and acknowledges to Dean all is not right ….

Aunty Bella would love to know what your thinking, once again!!


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