The look on Sam’s face – does anyone have an answer?

Sam's facial expression - Any idea what he's trying to get across?
Sam’s facial expression any idea what he’s trying to get across.

Sam walks up the steps opens the door and just before he walks in.  Now the look on his face, I could never read it.  Why, why, why has this tortured my head since.  Is he vague; is he coming out of his dream world, is he snapping out of what ever supernatural force has taken him captive. I kept thinking of all expressions we go through from happy to sad, and came up with that facial expression

I think Sam was shell shocked to see Dean because I think now that Sam was coming back to the cabin to search for Dean.  I think he was disappointed to find Dean out as he desperately wanted to look for him and get him out himself.  He was surprised to see Dean had already made it topside.  Does anyone else agree with me here?  Had Dean unknowingly stolen Sam’s thunder and that’s why perhaps he wasn’t as overjoyed as we had hoped he might have been. Was this why Sam wasn’t happy in meeting Benny? I really wanted clarification on that look as it really has puzzled the hell out of me.  So this still begs the question who was outside the cabin that night. Can anyone guess, as this is still bugging me, too.

Let Aunty Bella know your thoughts as this is still doing my head in. Cheers one and all!

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