Another Sam theory – has this shocked me?

Why Sam didn’t look for Dean?

Sam's face when Crowley remarked 'You are all alone'
Sam’s face when Crowley remarked ‘You are all alone’

In episode 8 X 1 Sam is on his way back to the cabin.  But why?  This we are unaware of as we have not seen the pieces unfold, and is pure guess work.  This is regarding the relationship and Sam leaving Amelia that night and going back to the cabin.  We no a relationship took place. We know Sam hit the dog, we know Sam took the dog to the vet to fix him up.  At this point we can see he is in a right state.  We meet Amelia.  Sam gets a job in the near by Motel as a handy man. Both begin to find comfort in one another and a relationship ensues.  They become close and Amelia receives a phone call to say her dead husband is alive and well.  Sam’s face sinks, does he think this is the end for them both and the life he has built up the life that he’s worked hard to keep and secure.  I talked earlier about the love triangle soap opera feel to the show, and this is exactly what it is, nothing more.

What the forum has seemed to uncovered is that there is no supernatural force involved in Sam’s behavior we are as Edlund said to take it at face value. I think grief was a contributing factor why he bolted and why he flipped.  He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t understand what was going on. He was to all and tense and purposes shell shocked.  But from this moment I can understand grief, I can understand why this would prevent him from not looking for Dean because he wasn’t focusing on it, because he was out of it.  But as time goes by what are we to understand why he still never looked?  What have the writers done, and what exactly are they trying to achieve here?

Sam and Amelia S8
Sam and Amelia sharing a drink together …..

So we see Sam settle down with a live, move into a new house/flat and start unpacking their belongings, whilst Amelia is at work.  He picks up a few books out of the box and something attracts his attention, a photograph album Amelia and Don.  How is Sam feeling at this point. What thoughts are running through his head.  Does Sam begin to take a peak at the photos before Amelia walks in, this we don’t see.  The family meal ends and words are said and Sam joins Sam in the kitchen to wash up.

Then we get to Sam and Fred in the old folks home, admitting to Fred that living in a dream world will basically come back and bite you up the bum.  So Sam is admitting he bolted.  He was by this admission admitting his own guilt, because he knew he’d been doing the same thing living in a dream world.  But what I can’t work out from this revelation was when did Sam come out of his so called dream world and came back to that cabin after the relationship had broken down.  I can’t believe at this point in time that Sam would appear so selfish and so uncaring that this is the human story that the writers are trying to put across to us.  That Sam bolted and couldn’t give two hoots about his brother.  So when the crunch came to the crunch what bought Sam back out of his dream like state, was this simply love, as we have previously talked about.  Was Sam so cross that Don had come back, and ruined his chances with Amelia, was he so annoyed that Don coming back had forced him back into the life he didn’t want to go back into, hunting?

Fred meeting the boys - what does he know that they don't?
Fred meeting the boys – what does he know that they don’t?

Are we all sure now that this is the only reason behind why Sam didn’t look for Dean, Kevin and why he ditched those mobile phones because he was grief stricken and then simply fell in love and was blinded by Amelia’s presence, had he come back to that cabin, to may be search for Dean and realized he was too late, because Dean was back?

So am I a berk for thinking something supernatural might have been behind Sam’s awful behavior to warrant him not looking for his brother.  Could Sam ever really forgive himself?

Is this the biggest plot to hit Supernatural in 8 years. Something that has really shocked me to the core that Sam’s blindness has made him in our eyes look bad.  I still don’t know what the writers are up to, and where they are heading but from Sam’s point of view this does not look rosy.

Aunty Bella would love to know how you feel about this and why Sam really didn’t look for Dean.


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