How’s Dean going to feel

Really, when Sam asks Martin to track Benny?

Sam and Martin tracking Benny - But why?
Sam and Martin tracking Benny – But why?

Do these writers ever learn, that angst doesn’t always agree with these boys. It never ends well, and only puts up more barriers between them.  We’ve seen the boys go behind each others back’s before.  Why don’t the writers surprise us for once, and have the boys open up about something that is clearly on their minds.  What does it all actually achieve, jack squat! It only makes the relationship worse. It only dampens what is already dysfunctional.  Can they surprise us all and work through this barrier once again?

What is Sam up to?
What is Sam up to?

I feel sorry for Dean, as he found a friend in Benny, and now as the story unfolds and the net talks about what is really going on under the surface I worry about these two boys.  What was Sam trying to achieve going behind Dean’s back.  He did eventually open up to Dean, but why was he behaving so secretively.  Did he really think about what it would do to Dean when the word got out.  I am pretty certain this will break up the boys, as we are aware of problems from the spoilers that they will split.  Can Dean see past this issue, can he allow Sam to undermine his actions again.  Was Sam doing it for the right reasons.  I can see he is, but I can also see the tension brewing and it won’t end peacefully.  These arguments never do.  So why is Dean going to give Sam that ultimatum. Or does Sam actually say you know what Dean I try to help but I’ve had enough and yes, you’ve guessed it probably Sam will walk away, again.

I am interested in how they will this time come back together. The last time they split was during the beginning of season 5.  I am hoping this confrontation does not end with something happening to Benny.  This will be a big fight that I don’t want to see on the screen. Being the mid-season finale how do you think Dean will feel over Sam, do you think he will tell him to pack his bags?  Is Dean really going to feel he can’t work with Sam any longer?

I want these boys to really work through their moments, I want the writers to really guide these guys and understand what makes them who they are.  The power of an argument can really hurt both parties, and when this if it does come to blows will be heavy in the history of the show as we’ve not seen this level of confrontation before.  Is something supernatural at work here still as this argument will devastate both of them.  Is Sam possibly jealous of Benny, why doesn’t Sam trust Benny, is Sam upset that his brother has bought home a new pal who may replace himself.  Does Sam want out of hunting but still be part of the family business?’

How do you think this next episode is going to go down.  Is Dean going to kick Sam’s butt for interfering again.  Or just let it slip by un-noticed Bella would love to know …….

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