Jeremy has talked exclusively about Sam’s love Triangle and Dean’s Vampire friend.

I am so happy, this is gospel, Jeremy has informed us that:

As for the theory that Sam’s hell memories and damaged brain might be causing him to imagine Amelia entirely, Carver says answers are coming soon. “I know there’s been chatter out there about were these flashbacks real, were they not — I’m not going to answer that theory,” he says. “I will say that there are several things, both past and present, that are dealt with with that story line in this episode.”

How’s that for vague?

So I think I had hinted some where was this Lucifer still medalling with Sam.  So does this beg the question that Amelia is actually fake, as we had all seem to have predicted in those picnic flashbacks.  A few also talked about Sam not being himself sitting at the table with Amelia Richardson and Sam Thompson.  It didn’t feel like the Sam I knew.  So from this report can we expect to see all is not well with Sammy still.  Did Sam encounter that breakdown we had all actually talked about. Or as I am thinking now once I’ve thought again as we do, did Sam and Amelia actually meet, Sam did hit the dog and take it to the vets.  As we saw, but that’s where the relationship ended the rest is all in Sam’s head he’s made all those scenes up.  I am elated at this finding, because I have been pulling my hair out trying to piece all this together.  That when Sam left that cabin in the night we all talked about how Amelia didn’t look real, how Sam had stroked the dog, and paid attention to him and not Amelia, but she was awake.  But this does not answer the question who was outside the cabin that night.  A thought has just come to me, was it Dean outside in the woods? I also just thought if Sam has imagined Amelia what has happened to the dog, as if Amelia is a memory and Sam touched the dog in the cabin what has happened to the poor dog. Has Sam gone back for the dog, as the dog might be on its own. Is this how Sam meets Amelia in the present because something is afoot with the dog? Boy, this is going to be so confusing. So where also does this leave Amelia’s father and husband. Are they also fake. Does Don even exist? I also think that when Cas retrieved Sam’s memories and the wall, did Cas unravel something more, did he unknowingly open up a whole new can of worms. Is the wall still playing tricks with him? Did Cas fully heal Sam ….

Come on guys, nows your chance to open up to Bella, we have something concrete to get our teeth into and let this blog roll night and day. Are we happy, are we elated that Sam does not look bad for not looking for Dean, I for one am over the moon. Jeremy has come up trumps.  I think many a Sam girl will be jumping up and down with joy, when I think how many fans could have just walked away.

Get your creative juices flowing and see what you come up with, Bella would love to no.


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